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We’re happy to announce Newswire has acquired HeadTalker!

From the beginning of HeadTalker, we have always placed the comments and happiness of our community first and we believe with this acquisition, we’ll continue to build out our vision for social media virality for brand campaigns as well as improving the opportunities to our user base.

Newswire and HeadTalker are committed to create new and better ways to take a social media message viral.

For now, HeadTalker with continue to function as it does today. Your Headtalker account and campaigns will continue as normal and we’ll be providing more details on upcoming plans for Headtalker in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Team HeadTalker and Newswire

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75% off The Book Of Shade

By Kim Finn

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Ended 03/11/2016

"Begin your incredible #urban #fantasy #adventure for just 99 cents! #bargain #amreading #gothic #magic #fiction"

— Kim Finn and
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Don't miss out on starting this superb fantasy series - book 4 is only a week away from release! Lily Coltrane’s to-do list for starting university life is pretty simple: 
1. Make friends 
2. Meet a cute guy 
3. Survive her first year in Modern History 

In the little English town of Piketon this seems more than achievable, so much so that Lily even joins The Illustrious Minds Literary Society, an extra-curricular club that promises a truly unique social experience. What Lily doesn’t bank on are the society’s monthly visits to the mysterious Theatre Imaginique at the edge of town, a dark venue that houses the most obscure cavalcade of carnival performers she has ever laid eyes on. 

Stranger still is the emergence of the theatre’s enigmatic proprietor Lemarick Novel, a stupendous showman with a frosty wit who never seems to smile, and who raises a plethora of questions in Lily’s fearful mind. How does he levitate with no sign of wires or mirrors? Why do the lightning bolts that shoot from his hands look so real? And why, of all the people in the theatre, do his pale eyes keep locking on hers? 

The answers to this and more lie buried in heritage and blood. The Book of Shade is opening, and Lily Coltrane will read it, whether she wants to or not.

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Created on 2016-03-06 13:42:56