A Broken Forever

A Broken Forever (Neveah Book 1) is #FREE 11/14, 11/15 & 11/16! #beaucoupllc #paranormal #fantasy #romance #sorcery http://hfht.co/1t66D


Shep and Lilly are best friends and neighbors. They grew up outside of city limits amongst towering Pine Trees and flowing rivers. With a shared birthday, childhood, and innocence, it’s fate when Shep and Lilly fall in love. They’re soul mates. On their 18th birthday Shep proposes to a tearful Lilly who eagerly accepts. The day began with love and excitement but ended with fear and confusion when Lilly’s mother goes missing. With only a cryptic note and determination to find her mother, Lilly must discover a courage and strength she’s not sure she has.

When Shep and Lilly are brought to Neveah they are stunned by its magic and magnificence. They are in a race to save their mothers while discovering secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Both must accept a fate they didn’t know belonged to them while preparing to stop one man that is a danger, not only to them but to all of Neveah. The innocent love story of Shep and Lilly weaves through the tragic love of Jax and Annika. One is pure while the other is dark. One can stop the evil spreading while the other can destroy a world.

The Levannah family rules Neveah with a firm but loving hand. Their peaceful home is a place where beauty abounds and innocence rivals Earth. It’s a world where creatures, both magnificent and terrifying, live in harmony amongst each other. When Lady Levannah has her first born, Annika, it is decided that she will marry the son of her best friend Selene Androni, making them family. They watch with pride as Jax and Annika grow up together, an obvious love forming between them.

Jax and Annika were the best of friends. They shared a childhood but little else. Jax was a rambunctious and temperamental boy while Annika was adventurous and loving. He couldn’t wait to marry her; she couldn’t wait to marry another. When Annika refuses to marry Jax, as he’d been promised, it unleashes an evil Neveah has never seen.

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