“ Join our efforts in providing accessible HIV testing to individuals who do not have easy access. #ACCESStoSTATUS http://hfht.co/WktUz

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For over 28 years, APAIT continues to practice its core value of commitment to advocate for our clients and the community.

One of our goals as an organization is to serve hard to-reach clients. With HIV testing technology developing rapidly, APAIT strives to reach underserved individuals and to meet them where they are or feel most comfortable. Last year, APAIT identified a higher proportion of newly diagnosed individuals (with a 2.55% seropositivity rate) as compared to countywide testing (with a 1.19% seropositivity rate). Nonetheless, our ability to test off-site is limited due to our inability to secure private testing spaces. Alongside this, there are multiple barriers that prevent individuals from getting tested: (1) It may be hard for some individuals to take time out of their week to go to a health center. (2) Others may be scared of the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, which may cause them to not want to be seen at a health/testing center. (3) There are individuals who simply have never thought about getting tested. 

In order to address these barriers, we feel that our next step is to invest in a mobile testing van. This will allow us to expand our ability to provide HIV testing services to communities that are at greatest risk for HIV. Early detection will save lives.   

We are currently looking at a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van to utilize as our mobile testing unit. The van has optimal space for us to retrofit to our needs in order to provide mobile testing.

Here’s the breakdown of what the $30,000 will go towards:

  • 2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van - $25,000
  • 1-year’s Insurance - $2,000
  • Car Wrap/Logo - $3,000



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