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BetterRide is launching soon

By Better Ride Inc

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Ended 08/16/2016

"Awesome! Rides w/o surges, Drivers keep 100% and a truly socially conscious company. Betterride is launching today"

— Better Ride Inc and
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It all began one sunny afternoon while dropping someone at LGA airport. Someone tapped on my car window as I was about to leave, and asked me how I was doing and if I would listen to something this friendly taxi driver had to say. Willingly I did listen, and we both empathized that something had to be done after exposing the difficulties to make a decent living, because prices were lowered and Oh boy, 2 years down the line here we are talking to you about us Better Ride. We are a socially responsible company with a vision to transform the community of drivers lives worldwide for the better. This is literally our passion, it is in our DNA in our core values, we live and breathe it, and we sincerely embark and focus on bringing a radical solution emphasizing for the good of mankind. Surely you must be asking yourself what for, what was the problem?

You probably didn ́t know this but drivers cannot make ends meet because literally they just cannot make it! The problem is high commissions and how drivers can no longer stay in business due to lots of factors such as high operating cost, but mainly the inability to make enough to support their families. Additionally, lower ride cost inherited through the price cuts forced onto them leaves only a few options. These options presented to them, is to either accept or quit, continuing the suffering and harsh conditions to work under. Workers can’t walk away from these conditions because of prior commitments needed to sustain themselves and their families.

You are charged and pay ridiculous high commissions leaving you with less money for your and your family

Better Ride aims to be the premier On Demand platform for “the new socially responsible way to ride” where drivers keep all they make because we take zero from what they make. But, you must be asking or saying to yourself, what is in it for me? What can I do? Well first we say to you NEVER pay a surge EVER again, you will ride in affordable luxury, and we know for sure 100%, that this is an economic transformation. The beauty of it is that you, the customer will not have to pay a dime more than what you are already paying with the other guys “APPS” at the regular cost if you consider comparing it. With the SURGE pricing you will be saving tons of money with Better Ride and the drivers will make more money than on any other on demand platform. As a matter of fact, drivers will increase their earnings by 20% ­25%  or ­30% in many cases (see chart below) . We ask that you simply embrace “the new socially responsible way to Ride” and pass the word to friends and families. With your support we will change things, the hardworking man or woman will have a chance again to a better life. We will create the beginning chapter of “creating the right ride sharing economy.” Now that we fried you with so much, the only thing we ask of you is to use better Ride on your next ride. Your actions will make your local economy stronger, drivers will make more money and you will be pioneering the RIGHT RIDE SHARING ECONOMY. One that works for you and your driver. REMEMBER with Better Ride there is a win win for everyone. TRANSFORM A LIFE AND RIDE WITH BETTER RIDE. See you on your next ride!

 Jesus Garay

Better Ride CEO


This is an infographic we created to help you picture how we think the right ridesharing economy should look like, this what we aim for, what we are working for.

INFOGRAPHIC - How does the rigth ride sharing economy look like


This chart shows how we will impact drivers earnings and lives. They will be able to earn up to 20k more/extra annually.


For more details regarding this chart you can  visit our blog where you will find a commissions  and deductions breakdown

Update: Our Android App is ready

Download and share it with your friends


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Created on 2016-07-14 12:05:47