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“ The @iPatchCase is the worlds first #smartphone case that blocks your cameras with a simple switch! #crowdfunding


Ahoy there! Protect yourself from data pirates with our innovative case design!

Until now, the best option for blockng out your smartphone cameras was a piece of tape.

That’s why we created the iPatch Case: The world’s first cell phone case that protects you and your camera!

Did you know that for about $50, anyone can buy software that can access the camera in your smartphone or tablet?

It has happened to people like you and us, and to celebrities like a Miss Teen USA 2013 contestant.

In addition to peace of mind and security – the iPatch Case protects your device’s camera from the elements.

Think of the traditional camera you own – it has a lens cap.

So why not put one on the camera we carry around all day long on our phone?

Before iPatch, the only way to protect your always-on camera was with a piece of tape. Not exactly high-tech.

So that’s why we invented the iPatch Case – to protect your privacy and your camera’s lens.

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