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My name is Kieron McKindle. I am a musician (multi-instrumentalist), lyricist, composer, recording-engineer, and producer. The collection of songs on this proposed double-album are all soundtrack pieces from the various (25) screenplays I have written. As you will see on my Kickstarter page, I have been preparing for this project for a very long time. My ultimate goal is to exceed the record set on Kickstarter by Amanda Palmer.

Crowdfunding is/was meant to democratize investments in innovation. Sadly, the already-wealthy are beginning to dominate these platforms meant for wee Earthlings. I am hoping and praying that this project will reclaim this process for the unknown artists like myself who refuse to take part in the status-quo pop-clone culture. Musical Artists, IMHO, are meant to be Improvisors; not corporate stooges, or ‘popular’ clones, in a race to the bottom for the lowest-common-denominator!

Listen to my Neo-Classical-Rock Anthem “Save the Children” (Demo) at https://soundcloud.com/celestial-titanium/save-the-children-alternate-preview-mix and hear for yourself that I and my music are for real. Big, beautiful, and professionally produced at a world-class level.

This Double-Album will include both standard-length songs, as well as longer-length improvisational pieces (ala LIVE Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc.).

I do not have the money to buy my way to the top via entitled networks, so I am turning to you and asking that you please help me shatter the Kickstarter Music Project Record. Together, we can make music history! Thank you ALL in advance! Thank you for your valuable time, and kind consideration.

Most Sincerely,

Kieron McKindle

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Kieron McKindle


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