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By Sameera edirisinghe

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Ended 07/29/2017

"Amazing project which, start to produce the 100% Natural Soy Sauce and Fish sauces for Global Market"

— Sameera edirisinghe and
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[caption id="attachment_114936" align="alignnone" width="146"]flow chart Sri Lanka’s hotel industry is a key driver of economic growth in the island nation. And Sri Lanka has a highly developing hotel industry with the fast growing tourism industry. it has continued to attract foreign investors and tourists to the island. The country's important placement also enables it to attract transit visitors into the island. Tourist arrivals have almost doubled since the end of the conflict in 2009. The importance of this, the Hotels are the key factor for the food processing and it use various of flavoring agent for various purpose. The Soya Sauce and the fish sauce are very famous flavoring agents in SriLanaka as same as so many countries. With the increasing demand for both sauces the local suppliers, presently have unable to supply for fulfill the customers satisfaction, therefor the products with high market prices also. because the few local producers involve for this production, and limited few importers try to fulfill the rest of demand. On this project we expected to produce 100% Natural Soya Sauce and Fish Sauce using the locally available Natural, Good quality raw materials with maintaining the ISO Food Safety standards/ Government rules and regulations. and also through this project as a sub-benefits, we expecting to motivate the local Soya farmers and also the fishermen's as a chain value. Target group for the Marketing, Locally available main tourism Hotels in SriLanka. Locally available middle level resorts in SriLanka. Local retail shops in SriLanka. Local bulk customers. Export Market mainly targeted on Hotel industry. E marketing customers. Soya Sauce Soya sauce is one of the world’s oldest condiments and has been used in China for more than 2,500 years. Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Many value-added products are made from it like milk, panner, cheese and sauce. Soya products are increasingly becoming popular especially amongst health-conscious people. Soya sauce is used as a taste enhancer as it has a typical bitter-sour and sweet taste as well as flavour. soya sauce is made from fermented soya beans, roasted grains or barley, salt and water. It is added in rice, used for stir-frying and as a dipping sauce. Soya sauce is usually salty with a chocolate brown colour. The appealing and unique color, flavor, and fragrance of soy sauce are generated by the fusion of the natural good quality soybeans, wheat, and sea salt that are the main raw materials. The taste is mainly from soybean proteins, and the fragrance is mainly from wheat starch, created as the microorganisms work on each ingredient. The characteristic color comes from the combination of amino acids, obtained from proteins, and glucose, obtained from starch. Fish Sauce A powerful thin brown fish sauce used in numerous Asian cuisines. It is made by fermenting small whole fish in brine and drawing off the liquid, which is then bottled. It smells pungent and tastes very salty. Most fish sauces contain only fish and salt, others add a variety of herbs and spices. Fish sauce that has been only briefly fermented has a pronounced fishy taste, while extended fermentation reduces this and gives the product a nuttier, richer and more savory flavor. Who is the main investor of this project: S. Edirisinghe – Chairman / Managing Director He is the main shareholder of the company as well as the critical success factor of the organization. He is a Msc Degree Holder for Food and Technology & the B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree Holder in Fisheries and Marine Science from Ocean University, Sri Lanka. He has well experience as a Senior Manager in Food and Technology Industry in Sri Lanka. and also he expert in ISO standards specially related to the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.[/caption]

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Created on 2017-05-31 09:53:07