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Corporate Gypsy Girls

By Norma Toering

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Ended 05/28/2016

"One of the best new chick lit novels on Kindle Scout. Page reads and nomination may win you a FREE e-book"

— Norma Toering and
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     "Table for four please," Liz said as the headwaiter approached her group. When they were seated at the table, one chair was conspicuously empty. No one mentioned the vacant seat. They did not need to explain or justify it. They were finally able to accept the loss of their dear friend Julia. As she lay dying, they made a pact with her to continue to reserve a seat for her at their annual gatherings.


     After years of struggling, they had finally become women who kept their promises not only to others but perhaps more importantly, to themselves. They were no longer willing to repress their passions or subjugate their desires based on the expectations of society. They were girls no more.


     As usual, Liz was the first to speak. She acted as the designated speaker when one voice sufficed. She raised her glass and spoke, "If nothing else we must respect her sense of fair play. She lived his life for twenty years, took his name, had his babies, moved five times for his career, and sacrificed her dreams so he could realize his. She remained loyal and faithful; he chose another path. If anyone had the right to end his life, surely she was at the head of the line." With that toast, the luncheon began.


     Liz, Julia, Katy, and Emilee met in college when they were full of high hopes for life and no dream was too big. Their friendships survived the peaks and the valleys of each of their lives. They helped one another endure births, deaths, marriages, divorces and everything in between from the heights of joy life bestows to the depths of despair it can deliver with equal force. As they moved through time, and it through them, one of the most comforting cornerstones of their lives was knowing an understanding and empathetic comrade was only a phone call away. Their suffering might not be alleviated, but by sharing their emotional trials of the moment, they disrobed their souls and welcomed their friends’ support. This unlocking and sharing of the inner life of women, often hidden from husbands and lovers, allowed their friendships to blossom and grow in all its wild glory. As did they.


    They took turns serving as marriage counselor, sex therapist, child psychologist, or whatever other role was necessary at the moment. They offered support, a sounding board, and advice, but perhaps their greatest gift to one another was they listened with compassionate and non-judgmental ears. They understood what it took to make them the women they are today, and together they shared the mutual hope of who they would become with the continued passage of time.

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Created on 2016-05-20 08:25:41