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Cuander: smartest web builder

By Mario Pa

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Ended 05/15/2017

"lets become a reallity the best website builder ever created, making it the easiest and most poweful ever done"

— Mario Pa and
other supporters

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Cuander: The smartest & Easiest Web Builder Ever Created Finally you can have fun while quickly and easily creating a beautiful, super powerful and feature-rich website – only based on your intuition and tastes Every day, hundreds of thousands of people turn to the internet to create websites that reflect their personal projects and hobbies, their professional presentation of the services that they are offering, and the companies that they are starting – or that they are giving a make-over to get them ahead in their market. However, most of these people are not experts in programming or web design – which means that they need to spend a lot of money hiring someone to do it for them. Alternatively, if they are looking for a simpler and more affordable way of doing it themselves, they must either learn code and web design (which takes a tremendous amount of time), or they need to be limited to the outdated features of the existing platforms that allow them to create their own website through a drag-and-drop experience. Surely you have been through this process and know how frustrating and inefficient it can be. That’s why we’ve decided to create CUANDER, which brings you a vast and powerful set of customizable features that allows you to create your own website – for personal, professional or business purposes – without having to learn or understand programming or web design, and without being limited to the existing outdated platforms. You see, these other platforms built an innovative service… back in 2001, after which they focused solely on making money from you, while ceasing to bring more sophisticated options that better serve your interests. We, on the other hand, are doing just the opposite – we’re focused on innovating to bring you the future of affordable-and-easy-to-build impressive websites for your enjoyment and convenience. That’s why the Cuander is being developed to create a balance between hi-tech ultra-advanced website-building possibilities, and a fun, relaxed and extremely simple experience that anyone can use to build an impressive website. The Cuander is being developed to work smoothly from a non-expert user point of view – instead of working from a coder or web designer point of view (which is too complex for ordinary people who just need a spectacular but simple and affordable website). We like to think that we’re in the post-revolution era in terms of technology. So Cuander is a product of the tech re-evolution era, in which technology is made increasingly accessible, understandable and affordable for common people to be able to make the most of it. So, based on your tastes, preferences and intuition, with Cuander, you can have fun while seamlessly building your own powerful and beautiful website in a way that would make an expensive programmer or web designer blush. With Cuander, among other features, you can enjoy a state-of-the-art website-building platform that:
  • Works easily but produces robust websites
  • Is twice as fast (and more) as any other in the world
  • Fully and engagingly customizable – fostering your particular taste/needs
  • Requires no installation
  • Requires no understanding of FTP
  • Has no hidden functions
  • Can work on any server
  • Has extremely advanced patented systems
  • Functions on a straightforward what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode
  • Works on any computer or smartphone
  • Has a world of stunning graphic and video effects that you can easily add
  • Allows you to effortlessly install chats and other features that would otherwise be complex to add
  • Among a plethora of so many other features that you can enjoy
Plus, Cuander will also offer you the chance of having us building it for you – if you really want experts taking care of your website for you, but in a fast, affordable and tailored-to-your-taste way. So, with Cuander, you can forget about:
  • The usual tons of hidden submenus that only pop up when you need them
  • The need to learn and understand a bit – or a lot – of code and/or web design
  • Installing software, endless widgets or anything else
  • Wix, Weebly or Adobe Muse – they belong in the past, whereas Cuander is the future
This is the platform that even children or grandmothers can use to build websites that would leave the most sophisticated web agencies feeling jealous and insecure. Cuander is created by a team of dozens extremely experienced programmers, graphic designers and marketers with 18 years of experience in their fields. We have been working for 6 years in testing and improving the model that gave birth to Cuander – which we wanted to turn into the most advanced website-building system available in the world that offers you a fun and highly productive experience that will forever change the way website-building is perceived. That is why you have to support this campaign when it lauches on kickstarter by going now to  and suscribe your mail, so, that way you can stay tunned for the BIG day and having it before anyone else (and also to become this a reallity). After all, the only way by which we can turn all its powerful and complex features into a world of simple possibilities for you is by having all these experts leaving it ready for you to have a great and productive time using it.
  • So we invite you to secure your early access to Cuander, in special conditions, while also supporting our project, by choosing one of the great rewards that we have on offer.
  • We also invite you to share this campaign with your professional connections, friends and family members, who may also want to enjoy the truly spectacular website-building features of Cuander.
Remember to suscribe at to stay tunned for the day of kickstrater´s campaign big launch.

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Created on 2017-04-21 15:53:13