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Da-Playground Family Fun Center

If you’re a busy parent – or if you ever have been – you know what an incredible hassle it is to organize all the endless details for a child’s Birthday Party.

My New Vision with GREAT GOALS is being realized! Help me, help others! Let’s build Da-Playground Family Fun Center! Go to http://www.gofundme.com/da-playground and donate as much as you like! Thank you in advance!

Well, we have the ANSWER to all that hassle.

With “Da-Playground” Family Fun Center, we HAVE it ALL and DO it ALL – all under ONE ROOF!

No longer will a parent have to make party reservations at one place… order the cake from another place… order invitations from a third place… decorate the location of the party… organize games and fun things to do at the party… WHEW!

No wonder people don’t want too many kids!

Birthday parties alone can wear you out! Physically and financially!

But at “Da-Playground” Family Fun Center, parents get a BREAK!

We do ALL the work FOR them – under one roof, as a one-stop shop for EVERYTHING needed for the BEST birthday parties of all time!

We’re professionals – experts at throwing birthday parties.

And now all we need is the facility to make our dreams – and children’s dreams – come true.

Our facility will have the following…

Multiple Themed Party Rooms for Birthday Parties,
Creative Corner-Where group led activities take place (how to sketch a character, build a model car, plane, etc.)
Hero-HQ-Comic Book & Toy store
Game Room
Laser tag Arena
Basketball/Football / Baseball toss
Holiday Themed Parties/Events
Restaurant/Eating area
Vintage, modern, & New Age Cartoons will be shown on Television screens
This will be the ULTIMATE PARTY PLACE!

Kids everywhere will be begging their parents to hold their Birthday Party at“Da-Playground” Family Fun Center.

And that’s why we need your help today.

It will take $500,000 to get “Da-Playground” Family Fun Center successfully launched.

Your contribution to our effort will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you started a GOOD THING for the community.

You will also be given Lifetime FREE Access to “Da-Playground” Family Fun Center! For you AND your children!

Donate                          Receive

$1,000 or more    One FREE Meal per Week & Free    Gaming (anytime) for Life

$500                     One FREE Meal per Week for 2 Years or FREE PLAY for a Local Children’s Charity

$250                     6 months of FREE GAMING or 1 Meal per WEEK

$100                     3 Months of FREE GAMING or 1 FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY

$50                       1 Free Comic Book Subscription for 2 months

$20                       2 Weeks of FREE GAMING

$1                         1 FREE COMIC of your choosing

If you prefer to donate your gift to a local charity, we would be more than happy to give it to them in your name. Current Local Children’s Charity consists of

Various YMCA/YWMCA of the Carolinas

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club

New Life Christian Academy School of the Arts

IMPACT Youth Ministries of New Life Fellowship

 Make your contribution TODAY!

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