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Deadly Vows on Amazone

By Sylvio Desjardins

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Ended 02/11/2016

"This book is unique. This is a gripping story..."

— Sylvio Desjardins and
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[embed][/embed]Contact Robert Marsh Author site Popular Read Deadly Vows Now Available on Kindle Indie book Deadly Vows gained notoriety in 2006 with its initial release and is now gaining new followers with the launch of its Kindle edition via Robert Marsh "Writing isn't just a dream!" Robert Marsh was born on October 13, 1982 in Brooklyn, NYC. He was raised by his grandmother and grandfather. Robert has always had a passion for writing. Robert Marsh has stated, "My reason for writing for writing is to express my most deepest thoughts about life and what people fear not to think about." Robert Marsh's books are Dark adult books that touch deep into the souls and hearts of people.    

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