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Diary of a Chansey

By yinichen

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Ended 11/03/2016

"Playing Pokemon Go now? Recommend this interesting Pokemon Go Diary story about a Pokemon Chansey. It's FREE NOW!"

— yinichen and
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Here is the Prologue Entry #1: Me and Carlos. Hello world! Hello Diary! This is Cha-Cha Chansey. After so much procrastination, I have finally decided to make a diary about myself and my doings here at Normaltown. Why? Well, I'm just being true to my nature as a Chansey. What do I mean? Let me explain myself, and give a little background info about Chansey, a wonderful Pokemon! You see, Chansey are very positive and happy Pokemon by nature. We're pink and round and one of the happiest Pokemon around! We pride ourselves by being so happy and positive in life, and Cha-Cha, or yours truly is no different! I live in Normaltown. Just as the name says, nothing really exciting happens in Normaltown. It's a small town with a very slow and relaxed way of life. That's okay with me. Being a Chansey, I chose to live here in this small town because Chansey are never out in the wild. We all like to make our homes in the city, or as is my case, in a small town. I think I picked a great place to live. Life is easy, and most of us know each other here. We all smile and are very respectful and polite to one another. I would never move to any other place, ever! I live in a small house across the town park. It's a great view, and I can see the birds land on the park, or watch morning joggers as they jog. Actually, lots of my friends have told me I should also start jogging to lose some of my weight, but I never really got to do it. I guess I'm not really much of a fitness buff, and it shows in my body! Oh well! That's okay. I would rather do other things anyway like tend to my garden or lay eggs. Did I ever tell you how yummy, and nutritious Chansey eggs are? They're so good for anyone, and it really lifts up my day when I give them to someone who needs cheering up. And speaking of which, well... I was just looking out the window from my house. I was reading this great book about the many different Pokemon out there. I just happened to take a break from my reading and looked outside. The window was right across from the park. That was when I saw him… Go to have a look now!>>>

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Created on 2016-10-30 05:53:07