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I earned my #EagleScout at age 14! I gave 200+ Service hours, will U give back 2 me plz & help this EAGLE SOAR! http://hfht.co/Wuvxs

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My name is James Miolli.  My dream is to attend Abilene Christian University to study computer information technology.  I come from a disabled single parent home.  My GPA is 3.22 out of a 4.0.

I had perfect attendance in school through the 6th grade.  I would have tried to continue that pattern, but I ended up in the hospital due to stomach issues.  I have ADD and a mild case of Scoliosis, so I have challenges, but will achieve my goal as I am very tenacious.

I earned my Eagle Scout Rank at age 14 and held SPL and ASPL for the next 2 years (alternating).  I even went above that and earned a bronze and a gold palm.  I won numerous awards in Scouts, the City of Garland for Beautification, a Den Chief Award for working with the Cub Scouts for years as a volunteer, scouting for food, camp cards, and being a positive role model and leader’s assistant. I chose to slow down my scouting career to focus on my junior and senior year grades.

I’ve started attending church more often and I love my youth group.  I went to Oklahoma after the Moore Tornado hit to assist with cleaning up and rebuilding. I volunteer when I can as I really enjoy it.

I pride myself on being a gentleman, who holds doors for ladies and show the utmost respect to everyone.  I’ve been described as humble, wonderful, sweet, and quite shy.  I will graduate in June then off to college to study computers.

I’ve applied to hundreds of scholarship opportunities, but no replies so far.  I am a realistic person and almost broke down crying when I realized the huge gap between the cost and the small Scholarship that Abilene Christian College gave me.  Any help with the financial burden of college would be greatly appreciated.  If you could help, it would allow me to pursue my dream of graduating college without having such a large amount of financial stress.

Many Christian people who play a major role in my life say Abilene Christian University is a blessing as I struggle with the existence of God.  My mother says this is a God thing without a doubt, as Abilene Christian University accepted me within 10 days of applying.  My high school counselor agreed.   Everyone says this is a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know God, along with continuing my education for a successful future .

I love computers and plan to major in computer science.  I’ve done coding, programming and more.  I feel I will be a great computer programmer as I already know the basics and enjoy every minute of it.

After my grants and scholarships that I’ve received so far, I still lack $15,000 to pay for my first year.  The loans I am looking at for the 4 years of college including my room/board, books and tuition is around $65,000 give or take, but I want to focus on 1 year at a time.  This would really insure me a great future without stress or worries about finances.  As mentioned before, please considered helping with the cost of college.  I would truly be grateful!

Thank you,

James Miolli

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