Easily find your baby’s name!

“ No more endless discussions, use this mobile App to find easily the perfect #name for your #baby! http://hfht.co/QHi3h

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Easily find your baby’s name with “Baby Name Together”.


Are you fed up with spending hours searching for baby names without ever agreeing with your spouse? Do you hate spending time scouring websites?  Want to find a fun and easy way to pass the time when traveling? Then “Baby Name Together” is the app for you!

Create your list of favorite names and allow the app to compare it with your spouse’s list. No more headaches or endless discussions… Choose THE perfect name from the short list of common names.

Why I created this app:

I developped “Baby name together” last year when my wife was pregnant, we tried to find the name of our baby separatly but we were never agree when we had to compare our favorite names. It takes too much time to discuss of each name… So I developped a new application which compare automatically the favorites name of each parent and we find easily the name of our little baby girl. :)

Why I need your help?:

The app. is well known in France but not in other country.I want to help other parents to find easily the name of their baby like it was the case for me.

Thanks for you share/support !

Features details :

 - More than 15,000 names from all origins

 - 2 interfaces: Classic or Modern (Slide)

 - Common list of names

 - Top names by country

  - Save your lists online and us your lists on all of your devices in same time (smartphones & tablets)

  - See Names meaning

  - See Name statistics per country

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