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Empowering people through Eco

By EcoFamilyFarm

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Ended 09/16/2015

"Teaching ppl 2 make their own salad & clean up Mother Earth in the process #Eco #feedingfamilies #daretocare"

— EcoFamilyFarm and
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There are many unemployed people in this country living in informal settlements that are nothing more than shanty towns. Imagine if 100 were taken at a time from each informal settlement and trained to be self sufficient, earn an income to feed and clothe their families whilst helping Mother Earth, some could be taught to grow Organic veggies and sell it to the vendors, who in turn will sell it to the residents there, others would be taught about recycling and form companies that collect waste products for recycling and earn an income, keeping the streets clean of refuse and litter while a third group that are creative can be taught to make items by upcycling and sell their wares.

Imagine a farm that grows organic fruit and vegetables, not to sell to the supermarkets, but so that the public can come and pick what they want for a minimal fee. Where they can purchase not only fruit and veggies but also organically made jams and condiments etc. A farm that teaches the public how to set up their own gardens, regardless of how little space they have. How many of you would love to eat organic foods but find it to costly at the stores ?

Now imagine that same farm having a conference center to show companies how they can go green and reduce their carbon footprint. A camp site for schools, scouts and Churches that teaches the same principals of organic eating, recycling and up-cycling and how they can help to protect Mother Earth from any further damage. Where they can learn about flora and fauna.

Now on that same farm there are weekend cottages for those who want to get away from the city but only have to drive for an hour or two to get there, cottages that are 100% Eco, hopefully they will take away some of the ideas with them and begin to incorporate them into their own homes and daily living.

A farm that has an entertainment center for day visitors over the weekends, where all food in the restaurant is organically made, that has all sorts of outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. A play center for the children so parents can relax and enjoy themselves.

A farm that employs approximately 80 people that are all trained in first aid and to sign ( for the deaf ) , a place that is 100% disability friendly, a play center that has staff trained to work with and care for children with Special needs. Where all buildings are Eco, run by solar power and use borehole water.

On this farm there is a fairy garden, a zen garden, day spa (that only uses organic products) and a Holistic center where those that are on the same journey as ourselves can come for week long retreats.

Can you see our vision, would you love to have a place like this to visit, would you support it ? Will you support us ? No contribution to small, please check under the update tab for our thank you gifts.

  • We want to thank all our supporters for getting us this far, we have made it one huge step closer to turning our vision into a reality. Can I ask that when "Headtalker" posts this campaign to your social networks tomorrow you kindly post a comment to encourage all your followers to make a contribution to this very worthy cause. Thank you and many Blessings to you all xx The price of a coffee is all it takes to make a difference.

    Posted on 2015-09-15 09:59:55