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Empowering Women’s Leadership

By Barrett Clemmensen Powell

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Ended 11/28/2015

"WOMEN: Enroll in "Here Be Dragons" to make a quantum leap in your leadership skills. 80% off through December 5."

— Barrett Clemmensen Powell and
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In 2010, while living in Copenhagen, Denmark, I designed a course to empower women to use their education and natural talents to strengthen their leadership of their personal and professional lives. It has bene a great success.

Since that time I have taught it in Denmark and iin the Unied States of America to several hundred women. Now I would like to expand this exclusive course to women around the world as an online learning course.

Here Be Dragons #1 - Women's Leadership Empowerment is one part of what will now be a three-part online learning course.

It is the #1 effective, practical and dynamic leadership course for women on two continents


How can women use the power of the Dragon to improve their professional personal leadership?

Dragons are special creatures with a history and a mythological background. They are symbols of power that if understood, embaraced and integrated, will supercharge your effectiveness in the world at all levels. IN this course, women will learn how to become strong, effective Empress Dragons.

Participants in this course will gain a deep understanding of what it means to be powerful This is not the social media overuse of the word "badass". This is about you as a woman exercising true power and how you can implement it in your life

Here Be Dragons #1 - Women's Leadership Empowerment (Enter the Dragon) is an exclusive leading women's leadership training programs. Offered through video, slide presentations and written materials, participants receive knowledge information and strategies that make this the best leadership training program model for women wanting to be effective leaders in their personal and professional lives.

This is a step by step guide for women to attain ultimate success as a leader at home, work, in the community and in the world.

Dragon Leadership strategies are being presented, via this course and the "Here Be Dragons" program (three courses in the program) for the first time exclusively on Udemy – both for personal usage and professional success.

This is an especially beneficial course and program for women entrepreneurs, executives, managers, future politicians, university students, women seeking advancement in their professional career, a domestic engineer/homemaker or community volunteer.

The present and future belongs to Dragon leaders. This course will explain why and empower you in positioning yourself at the forefront of today's and tomorrow's leaders.

Course participants will have the security of centuries of sharp leadership principles, knowledge and technique that you can employ to achieve desired results.



The normal price of this first course in this three-part program is currently $99. I am making an brief introductory discount offer of $19 through this campaign

Please support this campaign so that a message can be spread far and wide about this course and women across the globe can be empowered!

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Created on 2015-11-23 12:05:47