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Finding Strength Release

By Ann Lynn

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"New A Club Dark Novel by Reagan Hollow! Pick it Up Today!"

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Finding Strength: A Club Dark Novel, #2 Lacey
As if tragedy hasn’t already struck her one too many times, Lacey finds herself captive in the trunk of a car, scared out of her mind. 
Already knowing who her captor is, Lacey must dig deep and find her strength to not only save her life, but the life of the man she’s grown to love.
After finally allowing himself to love again, Cory’s world is thrown upside down when he learns of Lacey’s kidnapping. Stirring up feelings from the past, Cory quickly spirals out of control, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. 
Can Cory pull it together long enough to save the girl he loves?
Can Lacey hang on, or will she give in and give her captor what he wants?
Are they both destined to a life of constant tragedy?

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