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From Stangers to Lovers

By Mia Sparks

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Strangers to Lovers By Tiffani Lynn Jill Pierce's life has never been easy. Then she discovers the father of her newborn daughter is not only married but dead. Jill’s not sure how she and her baby will survive until his parents make her an offer she can’t refuse--relocate to Cincinnati so they can help her. When Johnny, the baby’s sexy-as-sin paternal uncle arrives to help her move, Jill knows her life could quickly become the perfect talk show episode. When Johnny Browning is forced to move his dead brother’s mistress home, he’s floored by an instant attraction to the sassy young cocktail waitress. Unfortunately, denying his desire proves impossible, and after a month of frustration, denial gives way to a confession that he wants more than friendship. Despite his sincere interest, Jill is determined not to get involved with him. His only hope is to convince her he’s nothing like his brother. His plan is simple--show her love like she’s never known before. Johnny’s intentions are clear while Jill is determined to make better life choices. But if she’s not careful, he just might make the choice for her and build a life with someone else.   Preorder link:

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Created on 2017-02-16 16:53:20