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G7: Lead by example on climate

By The Climate Group

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Ended 06/05/2015

"#G7 must lead by example on climate: Don't wait until #Paris2015, support ambitious #INDCs & a #CleanRevolution NOW"

— The Climate Group and
other supporters

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On June 7-8, the G7 will meet. These world leaders have the responsibility to make decisions that can create a safer, better, more prosperous world. As the global low carbon economy is now worth US$5 trillion, it's time to tell the G7 leaders to support a strong deal at COP21 -- and a global clean revolution.  The G7 leaders are some of the world’s heaviest emitters, with Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and US collectively accounting for over 25% of global emissions. So as a first step, we must ask them to support a robust global climate deal at COP21 in Paris to keep global temperature rise below 2C. But we can't wait until Paris. World leaders at the G7 meeting have the opportunity to show that a clean revolution - the transition to a low carbon economy - makes environmental, moral and economic sense NOW. These leaders have the power to put pressure on other countries who still haven't submitted their own INDCs, or national climate targets.  Because as most G7 countries know, INDCs are not just minimum targets for emissions reductions. They are 'investment prospectuses' to attract forward-looking businesses, in order to create competitive, low carbon economies. As the clean economy grows, the winners will be those who attract the most and highest quality investments. Clear policy frameworks that transcend party politics are the key to this. The G7 must show other nations that a strong climate deal and investment in a low carbon energy-based economy is a smart decision that will bring jobs, growth and health benefits to businesses and communities. In fact, close to 1 million renewable energy related jobs were created in 2013 alone, with 60 million more expected over the next 20 years. Not only is the global low carbon economy already worth US$5 trillion - with China leading renewables investment at a record US$89.5 billion last year adding up to 29% of the world’s total - but it also improves energy security and paves the way for long-term, sustainable energy for emerging and developed countries. Even the fossil fuel industry is waking up to these new realities, by adopting carbon pricing and publicly supporting a global deal, presenting a historic opportunity for leaders of the G7 to seize. Momentum to a low carbon future is unstoppable. But we need all countries, businesses and investors on board to deliver a strong outcome in Paris – and reshape an old, expensive and dangerous fossil fuel-powered economy. So together, the G7 must lead by example and encourage all nations to submit ambitious INDCs that will create a robust global climate deal, and a strong low carbon future.

And while Paris is not the only opportunity we have to secure this future, it must be a key milestone that propels us toward it.

We hope G7 leaders will join The Climate Group and its business, government and civil society partners in forging a long-term vision that is good for people, and good for the economy.

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Created on 2015-06-01 14:19:52