Giger’s Universe

Giger's Universe is the virtual 3D-Giger museum in Gruyères. Available for PC/Mac, iOS and Android.


Giger’s Universe is the virtual 3D-Giger museum in Gruyères. You can visit it interactive and navigate through different rooms and floors and even through the café. Every single artwork can be circumnavigated as if you were really there. If you click on an object you get a lot of additional information, audios and videos. Complex 3D effects make the experience exciting and intense.

Experience HR Giger from a whole new perspective! Giger’s Universe as an interactive App: the fascinating interactive Giger museum tour in 3D-technology. A unique compendium of his work, life, passion and vision. Discover a groundbreaking media production! Available for PC/Mac, iOS and Android.

Giger’s Universe can be visited comfortably at your home (PC/Macintosh/ TabletPC). With the funding we put the museum the architecture and the environment in 3D- technology. The basic version includes the interactive museum tour with a lot of unseen artwork information. As an add-on the DVD contains a short film documentation about the Giger Museum. In case of overfunding the product will also be released as an app for IOS and Android TabletPC Devices. We are planning  numerous additional features in the future. For hi-res visuals visit “Gallery” on Indiegogo!

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Giger's Universe


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