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Hayley Teals Pozible Campaign!

By Hayley Teal

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Ended 01/28/2015

"Help me achieve my dream of releasing my first original EP to the world!"

— Hayley Teal and
other supporters

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The story of the project

Hi, I’m Hayley Teal, a singer/songwriter, originally from Adelaide but now call Melbourne home. When I was fourteen, I was supported by a small independent label to write a record my first EP, which later turned into an album. The album "chocolate" was released locally in 2007, which was an amazing experience for me to have my original music played on radio in my teens! You may remember, but if not… In 2010 I competed on XFACTOR AUSTRALIA, and finished in sixth place. It was the kind of experience that money can't buy, therefore, highly valuable for my artistic process. I was twenty then, and now being twenty four, I have never been more confident in my music, who I am as an artist, and ready to take on the world! Since then, I have been working with many producers over the years on original songs, but haven't wanted to release anything if I didn't believe it could compete with the best on a national scale. I know exactly who I am as a singer, songwriter and artist, for the first time in my life. This creative journey has been one of the best experiences in my life, to date. Singing and writing music is not what I do, it's who I am… cliche, I know, but its the truth! The single "Do you love it" that I wrote, I have never been more proud of anything in my life, it's like my baby. It's a perfect blend stylistically, of my writing skills and performance skills. I want to finish this EP with help from all you wonderful people so I can finally give it a good crack at the big league! As I'm a full time professional singer, I've learnt to be versatile in my genres. This has gained me the ability to perform a range of music from pop to rnb, dance to house, and soul to rock. While I believe pop/RnB is my forte and where my heart lies, I want to involve a number of genres throughout this EP to demonstrate my versatility and also provide my listeners with a variety of music that I love to do. This will allow my listeners to provide me with feedback on what they like me doing… which is very important to me.

How the funds will be used

I worked with "Jhay Cabrera" on this single and our chemistry was palpable. We worked very quickly and understood each other artistically, which is so important when collaborating with a producer. He is an incredibly talented person and I want to finish the EP with him, because when the chemistry is there, there's just no point working with other people and taking that risk with limited funds. He has been kind enough to negotiate his normal fees of collaborating, production and mixing/mastering as he believes in my ability. The cost of the remaining four tracks will be $7,000.00 on top of what we paid for the first single. Expensive, you're thinking? I know, but he is worth every penny! Our goal is $12,000.00, which will allow me to fund the entire EP production and mixing, plus printing the EP on hard copy, organising a launch event for the EP, and if there are any left over funds or extra funds, will go to a video clip or to touring


The hardest challenge will be proving to people... that I'm deserving. It's hard to explain an entire career of music and singing for over ten years to the public, enough to prove to them that their money will go to good use. And theres nothing I can really say to prove that, but let it be known that everyone who has ever known me in my life, knows me as "Hayley the singer". I know its extremely cliche to say, but music isn't what I do, it's who I am, theres simply no other way to explain it. Everyone deserves a shot in life, and this is my shot. I've always wanted and needed an original EP, that I was super proud of, to back up my vocal and writing ability, enough to be able to hand it to someone and say "this is exactly who I am as an artist". To be able to have such a thing would not only give me the satisfaction I've longed for all my life (deep, I know), but it would also allow me to have something to pierce into the music industry, whether it be on a national or international scale. Being a professional full time cover singer proves you can sing, having an EP that your friends and fans have made possible, proves that you're a talented artist. Without this EP... I'M NOTHING! :p

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Created on 2015-01-06 13:52:46