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Help a family in need

By Mandi Thurston

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Ended 07/31/2017

"Help with a hand up, not a hand out! Working family in need."

— Mandi Thurston and
other supporters

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We moved to Ohio on a wing and a prayer in 2014 with no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The house we bought, we found on Craigslist and the owner was far from honest.  
The floors are separating from the walls and caving in. The beams in the basement have been destroyed by termites and water damage.  

Suffice to say this house is dangerous and we are desperately seeking alternative housing.  
I work for a good company, and through time, savings and work was able to purchase us a new house.  There is an issue however, the house was broken into and the electrical wiring was cut in numerous places.  We have someone who will do the work for us at a very reasonable cost.  The issue is we cannot move into the house until the electrical wiring is fixed.  We have been behind on bills for a while because I was out on medical leave from surgery.  Things are beginning to get caught up and look up with an additional source of income.  However we do not have enough to do the repairs, pay bills, and feed our kids.  So we are trying desperately to sell the other house which no one wants to buy.. .because its in bad condition.  In order to fix the electricity we need 1800, and about 200$ to move, and we have like no furniture..

I am reliable, I work all the time 40-60 hours a week to support my family.  It is not like I am asking for a drug habit and I can happily provide references if needed.  I just need a hand up, not a hand out.  

Please consider helping out if you are able to, and please share.  Even if you can only donate a dollar, that helps more than you know.

Thank you


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Created on 2017-06-08 14:53:16