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Help open a christian school

By Antoinette McGowan

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Ended 10/22/2016

"Help open the doors where low income families can receive a private education at little to no tuition costs."

— Antoinette McGowan and
other supporters

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Children are the future of the world. They deserve an education that challenges them and helps them to reach their full potential. Children are not cookie cutter and therefore neither should be their education. I am raising funds in which to open a private christian based school in my area.

The school will be non-denominational in order to allow all children to feel welcome. In addition to being faith based the school will utilize an adapted Montessori approach so that children can learn from play, hands on activities and from being in a various age group classroom. 

Christian Mission: We are Christians not because we are saints but because we are sinners and realize we need Christ.

School Mission: No Child left Behind and No Child held Behind.

In public schools there is limited amount of time for each subject and each unit of those subjects. Some kids grasp the material and become bored. Other children struggle with the concepts and must move on before they grasp the concepts.

The curriculum we will set forth is one where the child struggling does not move on until They understand the concepts. The child who grasps it is not held back but allowed to move on. The children move at their own pace and no one else's pace. Therefore by graduation all students are ready for the world they are entering with a solid education.

Private education can be expensive and not all parents can afford to give this education to their children. I want to offer something different to the children and parents in my community. The tuition charged will be income based. Those with limited to no money will receive extensively reduced tuition charges or absolutely no charge. No parent should feel that they can not afford a quality education for their child.  

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Created on 2016-10-13 23:53:08