Helping The World by Gaming

We think the games are for everyone. Its about One idea, One dream, One campaign, its about Everyone.


 For the Games for the WORLD 

My name is Flavius Daniel and i am A game Designer, also the CEO and the Creator of M.ind S.I.

My dream from many years was to help people and this is my dream. Is not easy to help everyone so i decided (because i’m a really smart game designer) to help the world by gaming.

                    Helping the world by gaming 

I Started by creating the Mind S.I. the first ever game company that is based on intelligence, and making the best Games ever for you to play that are fun and really great.
We are more focused on board games and card games types right now but we are also focused on making games for PC’s  or other kind of platforms.

                                 WHO WE ARE

We are M.ind S.I. team, We are a SMALL team with great games ideas that started 5 years ago.
We are bringing a new concept of intelligence to the games and to the world.
And that’s not all, we are focusing also on making all types of game genres so everyone can enjoy our games.
We are making the best games that are really smart and fun to play.
We already have the game ideas but we need you to make it happen.

                                      Just some of our game projects  

  1. Fantasy card game V: Collectible trading card game

The new ultimate trading card game that promise the best design, art work, and the best unique features: Dices, transformation, real time cards upgrades, Unique cards, Cards clash, and secret styles. Featuring intelligence, strategy, and fun all-together, Fantasy card game V becomes the most exciting trading card gameto be made.

 Our M.ind S.I. Team review - the first and only ultimate card game
“Most anticipated trading card game” is finally here.

  2. Shining Superstar 7: Collectible trading card game

The best soccer trading card game, Featuring 14 card attributes and unique game-play, Shining Superstar 7 is set to become most popular soccer trading card game ever.

Our M.ind S.I. Team review - this game is a soccer card game that you will enjoy if you are a soccer fan and is a great game to play it with your friends.

  3. Future strategy: Board game

Future strategy promise to be The best board game you ever played.  Game-play• Buy, sell, Create cards, Take part in auctions, Develop new technologies, New features* 5 awesome ages, Upgrade cards, Unique game-play* secret strategy.

Featuring the Board game of the year award.

Our M.ind S.I. Team review -This game is a board game combined with a mixture of intelligence, tactics, and strategy that you will love to play it with your friends.

     US AND CROWD-FUNDING             

  • The reason we started this campaign is to Help the world by gaming, and bring the concept of intelligence to the games and bring the best games to the world. 
  • You can help us make a better world by gaming. 
  • We think the games are for everyone. Its about One idea, One dream, One campaign, its about Everyone. Making a better World by gaming… Making a difference!

                 We are the future of gaming

We are decided to get involved in helping also other gamers even beginners to make their game ideas come to life, and we are ready to help everyone. We also made a gamers group on Facebook for that, You can check the group here: 

The only gaming Group (Featuring intelligence support) to help people. 


                          The future of gaming

We want to raise awareness about what really means to make great games.

To make a child smile, for us this is priceless, because we want to make smart and fun games also for kids because we think kids games are left behind and the game companies are more focused on making games for teenagers or adults and we think this is not very smart.

We have some great games that we want to publish and We want to also help the Gaming industry with innovations and really great ideas.     


THE MISCONCEPTIONS: What we think is happening around game companies and the game industry is that they don’t care, they are trying to make great games but they can’t do that because they are thinking more about making money and not really think about how to really make a great game. 

To understand what is to make really great games is to really care about what you are offering to the world, because you will have to know that kids, and teenagers, or even adults will play your game, so you have to leave a impression with that game. 

You will need: to think more about the people and less about the profit so you can make a really great game.

You will need: Love for games, because without love for what you are doing you definitely can’t make a really great game.

You will need: determination, to really want to make a great game.

and that’s not enough. You will also need intelligence for that so you can see the mistakes and you need to also be original with your own ideas and also be innovative so you can combine games. Its not easy but if you have all that, you will make a great game.

Set backs or mistakes that some people make when they start to make their own games: 

Greed for money, this happens often. I think we all seen some famous people/companies that they made a great game or after they reach a certain degree of success they start to not care about anymore because they know they are already famous  and they fall into a Thinking Trap that stop them from bringing people new great games. 

Trying to hard/much:  this will eventually give a mental block but also a mistake will be about trying to little but determination is the best way and the key in making a great game.     

Be a Bad person:  lies, cheating people or just “Selling dreams” that lots of people are doing from what i seen* will eventually as the same will bring nothing good so the only way to be really great and awesome is by being a good person. I am so upset that people are falling on a misconception that most of people falling for, that you are more likely to reach success if you lie and scam/cheat people, but that wont give you very far.  You can be successful if you are a good person, and if not, you will be more awesome and a great person. 

Copying/Stealing someones idea/ideas: This is the worst thing to do and please never ever steal someones idea, because being smart means being original.

So after you learned the steps in creating a great game, hope you will remember us if you someday take our advice’s and make a nice game out of it.

Being a game designer and having a small team with great potential its awesome, and we think money its not very important. If you are a really great person you will made it, there are some things that money can’t buy and we know that.

We want to revolutionize the world of gaming and bring great games to life, sharing your idea and be passionate about what you care about, this is what we M.ind S.I. stand for: Bringing innovation, Intelligence, and fun to games and to the World.

                                              One Story- My life

My name is Flavius Daniel, CEO and creator of M.ind S.I., Child Hero, Mind entertainer, i have 26 years and living in Romania, Bucharest. As a child i been teach how to do good and stay away from bad things, because my parents are Christians and i am very thankful for that. I always been obsessed about intelligence and i consider myself as a very smart person.

So i started to make my own games because i also did not have enough money to buy a pack of card or board game and dint have a mobile phone or laptop/computer, and i start to buy notebooks and pens and i start sketching and design my own games. I have to say that some games was bad and some was great, but i improved allot from then. 

Improving, innovating, adding, removing, broken pens, lost notebooks, rewriting ideas, sketching, drawing, all of that for 5 years of making games and improving. 

I started to like drawing and i was/i am very good at it and my father told me of an artist career because he liked so much my art work in drawing/painting etc., but i just wanted to keep it as a skill.  

This is me, this is who i am. All my life i been trying so hard to bring intelligence to the world and make a better world with great ideas and remove all the misconceptions, improving, making the right decisions and not making mistakes, being a good person. 

Because being kind, being nice, and helping others, that means being beautiful overall. 


                      Some of our thoughts

We have asked some game companies to help us and make a partnership together, but we had no answers from them. We also wanted to find some investors to help us with the funding but the lack of support from the game companies and investors  its very upsetting, but we was expecting that.
Its not easy for a new game designer to start publish his games or make his ideas come to life, and sometimes its just need a little help to make that happen. The new game designers doesn’t have many options, and the option that probably many of us game designers are using, is to contact a game publishing company (eg. Hasbro) and tell them their idea, but you don’t get a answer most of the times because they want to publish their own games ideas, and for me this is very upsetting. I don’t want to say that it always like this, but there is so little support for the small developer and there is no help from the big companies (after we find out on ourselves) no support whatsoever, and that just because they don’t care about others or helping small publishers and that’s not entirely fair, as we want to make/publish great games, and that for the world, so they can have better games to play and improve games, but they keep pushing everyone from their way and they doesn’t seems to care about this as if they only care about themselves and making profit and not about giving great games to the people and to the world.
I feel like there is a set back regarding the game companies and we want to change that. We want to help the new game designers/developers and make a change for the future of the game industry and also help the gamers by making really great games for them to play. 
So this is the reason we made this Campaign, to bring awareness to the people and make a better world by gaming, Together. 
I fell like this is not just the First biggest movement for helping the world of gaming, and that its my also the last, because i cant find any help to keep us going and i feel like no one cares about and is very discouraging for us.
I writhed so much about my thoughts here and i hope you will share this message and raise the awareness of the intelligent gaming.
Thank you for your support!
The M.ind S.I. Team

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