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A Home for Independent Films!

By Andrew John

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Ended 06/26/2015

"The Home of Independent Films and web series - Door9! #GoDoor9 #independentFilms #Webseries #films #shows #Vod"

— Andrew John and
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Independent Entertainment Needs A Home Hey Guys, We are Door9 a online platform dedicated to showcasing and distributing the best independent films and show online. Our goal is a simple one, to provide a place where independent filmmakers can generate a true income from their content. In order to provide a quaility service, We will hand pick and curate the content that is distributed and showcased on Door9. Filmmakers will get 60% of the revnue generated from Door9 and all the profit Door9 generates will be used to fund new shows and films for the platform exclusively. By contributing to our campaign, you will be helping Door9 push the boundaries for filmmakers all over the globe and provide a platform that will not only give filmmakers more incentive to make great films but also provide a unique entertainment experience for online video consumers. playcampaign Our journey has already begun... Door9 is looking for £12,000 to go towards a new office space, server costs and orginal content. For the last 5 year we have been operating from a cafe in Kings Cross St. Pancras. Now that the business is beginning to take off, Door9 will need an offical office space to work from. Secondly, we need to host the videos on a server that is secure and also robust. What this basically means is we need somewhere to store the video content from our filmmaker community. This server will also provide a seamless watching experience for users globally. Lastly and most importantly, Door9 will keep on investing in original innovative content to distribute on our platform. Where Your Money is Going... 1. Office Space - £4000 (First Year) 2. Server/ CDN (Content Delivery Network) - £2400 (One Year) 3. Original Content - (The Hunt Season 2) - £5000 4. Mouth that Roars - £600 Thehunt (pre-branding) The Hunt has begun! Original content is a key part of Door9's strategy to prove to filmmakers and online video watchers that great content can be made on a small budget and return a good revenue, if marketed correctly. Door9's first original show will be called "The Hunt" and it will be available on Door9 this autumn. The Hunt is about 4 girls that commit a serious crime and try to get on with their day to day lives whilst an obsessed detective hunts them down. We are currently in pre-production and will start filming in June 2015. We will be posting videos and pictures of our progress with The Hunt Season 1. So please stay tuned. Take a look at our intial iPhone App and Our New Website Design... card If We Fail... :( If we do not reach our goal then we have no intention of taking our foot off the pedal. Door9 will continue to work as hard as we have been but this time knowing we have the support of you great people! The contributions we do receive will go to a dedicated server to host the videos, we believe in the content and the user experience. So making sure we can deliver the best content is Door9’s main priority. Once we achieve this, then whatever is left we will invest into Door9's original content because again content is key and we believe in keeping you guys and girls entertained. How Your Contributions will Help Us... Your contributions will mean the world to the Door9 team. We have been dedicated to working on Door9 from a cafe in London which hasn’t always been smooth sailing but we have kept the momentum high and stayed focused. Getting an official office will fall hand in hand with Door9’s next step in the industry and we believe will be essential for team morale as well as providing a physical home for independent film makers, producers and directors. The Journey has Just Begun... Over the last 5 years Door9’s research has proven correct. Hollywood is a great place, but underneath Hollywood, there is no place for film makers and content creators that provides them little pay and little recognition. Door9 believe its business model is what can create that medium that will provided these budding film makers with a platform that can pay them truely and allow them to live another day as a film maker. We have successfully signed deals with film makers around the world for distribution of their great content with the added belief in Door9’s business model. We have not stopped or slowed down because we believe this is just the beginning. The Risks to Our Journey... This mission we are set out on, won’t be all fun and entertainment. Honestly, there are hurdles and risks that may make this journey difficult. The good news is we already know and are prepared for these challenges. Door9 has been to the ends of the earth and back (and believe us we have searched everywhere) looking for a platform that serves justice to the film makers and viewers of independent film. Building awareness of the platform will be a steep hill to climb, but the interactive team we have on board are already planning a country tour to get the iPhone and iPad app in people hands. Keeping up to date with the best content but most importantly, the right content is also a task door9 will face, which is why we believe creating our own original content will keep our users engaged and most importantly other content creators inspired… Not to mention competition; but thats healthy right? Competition is Healthy... We already know that there are platforms out there that pretty much do what a distribution company should do but there are all seem to be missing a few key fundementals. We already have our team who are multi-talented across web design and development, marketing, creative direction and film production and we feel we have the right expertise to over come the hurdles we may face. If you got this far then we really want to thank you! You guys are great and we really appreciate your support! Donating isn’t the only way to help us on our journey, spread the word to the masses, Netflix isn’t the only hub for great online entertainment. Tell your friends, family, neighbours, pets and of course fellow film makers! We are so excited. The Door9 Team. More Info: We plan to Donate money to Mouth That Roars. Mouth That Roars is a organisation that helps young people get into filmmaking. Take a look at what they do here: Mouth That Roars Website Please keep checking back here for more updates!

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Created on 2015-05-22 12:48:49