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Hot Dogs: A Lord Tyee Mystery


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Ended 06/09/2017

"#LordTyee's friends are missing - can this #wolfhybrid solve the case? #Cozymystery Hot Dogs now on preorder!"

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"I confess: the whole mess was my fault—I never smelled her coming."
Lord Tyee has the best nose in the business. It's no mystery to him when five of his K9 pals disappear from a dog-walker's van and it's dead easy to sniff out the perp who fired that gun. But how to tell his partner, Pielle? She's only human, with all that entails. What's worse, she's about to take a dangerous bull by the horns, venturing into the dark underbelly of the law courts without Lord Tyee at her side. That can't happen--but can a lone wolf outwit his would-be captors in time to do battle at the side of his beloved Pack Leader? Hot Dogs is the first in the Lord Tyee Mysteries, written by wolf-hybrid Lord Tyee & ably assisted by his amanuensis and producer, Kaimana Wolff. Now available to preorder on Amazon for only $0.99! (Limited time price.) A large wolf-hybrid dog sits happily in the shade. Lord Tyee says "Thank yoooooooouuuu!" for your support!

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Created on 2017-05-14 08:53:23