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Kids Unisex Undies

By Whitney Surane

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Ended 12/22/2016

"Kids unisex undies with puns intended!"

— Whitney Surane and
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My name is Whitney Surane.  I am the owner and designer of Madly Wish.

I think in the beginning this was always my dream.  But who gets to live their life doing what they love?  Just a lucky few, right?  That's what I thought anyway...


The first item I sewed was a pocket.  I must've been 7 or 8.  I made this poorly constructed pocket using the sewing machine I received that Christmas.  I remember the cord for the foot pedal was so short that I had to use my hand.

I made a lot of pockets for a long time.  Then pillows.  Lots of pillows.

During college I fell into a real estate job, moved across the county, got married and started a family.  I worked in that field for 14 long years until I was on bed rest with babe #4 and subsequently laid off in 2011.
While nursing my newborn in the early morning hours when no human should be awake, I kept myself alert with Pinterest (don't we all?) and stumbled upon a quilt.  I had zero experience in bedding or quilting, but my mother and her mother are/were master sewists and I needed a project.  I convinced my mom to give it a try with me.
Blush Floral Chenille Quilt 
Blush Floral Chenille Quilt

That quilt was the end and the beginning all at once.

I opened my handmade bedding shop in 2012, participated in 27 craft markets that first summer and learned a ton.  I had our 5th baby (yes, I know!) and never looked back.

In late 2015, I was approaching potty training time with our littlest.  (Yay! :\  That's my excited face.)  As I imagined what that tiny tush would look like in undies, a lightbulb went off.  Unisex undies in fun, silly prints!

In a Twist Undies 
In a Twist Undies

My 2 oldest daughters and I started brainstorming ideas for these prints and their pun-intended names.  We quickly came up with over 20 ideas and laughed ourselves to tears.

In March 2016, I spoke with a production management team in Utah to help me with the manufacturing process.  They have been awesome!  And with their help, I was able to begin production on my first print in June and 4,000 pairs of undies were delivered to me in September.


It's been a quick and exciting process.  And once the word got out about our new product, customers wanted to know when we'd have more prints.  That brings me to our campaign...


But first, you may be scratching your head wondering, "What's a Madly Wish?". It's an anagram for the names of my 5 littles. After all, they are my inspiration. If it weren't for them, I'd probably still be in real estate; sewing pillows in my spare time. Maybe even some with pockets. ;)

No Campaign Updates. Check Back Sometime Soon.

Created on 2016-12-08 07:53:08