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Social shopping that pays you for sharing items you love, like Pinterest but with commissions! #kikr #shop #share

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Kikr is a new social commerce platform which helps to connect people with one another for their love of fashion - in particular retail and home goods. We have created mobile focused apps for iOS and Android that allow users to shop, share and earn based on their curated collections from partner retailers, brands and merchants. We are looking to sign up early beta users to test the platform and would love to get you and your followers involved.
The simplest way to describe it is imagine Pinterest meets Amazon in which you are the one who earns commissions for any of the recommended items you promote to your network via IG, FB, Pinterest, etc. All of your commissions are directly loaded onto a digital card on your mobile for you to use wherever you like.
In the meantime we need to drive the right users onto to get started. We see great potential when it comes to rewarding influencers such as yourself and their followers and look forward to the communities feedback.

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