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Loose Skin Removal Surgery

By health-irl

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Ended 05/31/2017

"College student loses 100+ pounds and now needs surgery to remove 10+ pounds of loose skin. Check out my story!"

— health-irl and
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Hey everyone,

My name is Tamara Frances, and I want to share my weight loss journey with you guys.

I was overweight for most of my childhood. It didn't get too out of control until around my sophomore year of high school, when my weight slowly crept up to the classification of "obese." By the time of my high school graduation, I weighed over 290 lbs.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy. I have the most supportive parents around, the greatest friends, a great dog, and I was doing extremely well in school. However, I frequently suffered from headaches, back and neck pain due to my weight.

Fast forward to August 2014, the month I started college. Campus was huge, and I figured there was no way I was going to gain the freshman 15. I didn't. During my first two months of school, I actually lost 20 pounds. A combination of all the walking, being isolated from fast food, and making healthier choices led to progress on my weight, something I had been constantly battling with for years. I decided that this was the jumpstart I needed to finally take control of my health and wellness. Over the course of two and a half years, with a combination of an active lifestyle and healthy eating, I eventually lost over 100 pounds. I didn't think my life could change so much. No more tiredness. No more chronic pain. My energy levels skyrocketed, and I realized that this was the life I was supposed to be living. It was a daily battle trying to stay focused on my goal while navigating college. Stress, drinking, and stress eating could have completely derailed my efforts. However, I stayed focused on my goal and my efforts paid off.

Now, it is March 2017. I've basically reached the end of my weight loss journey and I am left with a reminder of my past self: about ten pounds of loose skin. Even though I was young, lifted weights, stayed moisturized and hydrated, and lost the weight slowly, I was not able to escape having loose skin around the majority of my body. I've gone to multiple surgery consultations, and the three surgeries that would rid of this loose skin and serve as the final chapter in my weight loss journey are an abdominoplasty, a brachioplasty, and a bra-line back lift. I was completely caught off guard when I got quotes back of around $20,000 total for all three procedures. Being a college student on financial aid and federal work study, there's absolutely no way I can take care of something like this. This is why I am reaching out for help. Getting these surgeries would allow me to finally get rid of something that has been weighing me down (literally) for years. I would be equally thankful for all donation amounts that I might receive, and hopefully this dream can come true.

I also want to use this opportunity to serve as a resource for anyone who is interested in beginning their own weight loss/fitness/wellness journey, especially young adults. I have made an email address and I will be answering any questions anyone may have about nutrition, fitness, how to get started, struggles during my journey, how to keep focused while in college etc. I want everyone to be able to experience the transformation of mind, body, and spirit that I underwent.

Contact information: Even if you are not able to donate anything, PLEASE feel free to email me, and I will still answer any question you may have?

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Created on 2017-04-13 19:53:07