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LyfeKey Kickstarter Campaign

By Axana

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Ended 06/27/2016

"Believe In The "Entrepreneur In You". LyfeKey Specializes In Motivating You To Look Deeper Within Yourself"

— Axana and
other supporters

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The only guide you will need to prosper in business

We are all looking for ways to transform our businesses, to discover the method that brings about success and the change we all desire so desperately. What if I told you that there is a big secret that many people are using to transform their business and personal life, and I also told you that this big secret is really not a big secret at all?  The key to success and transformation is the development of a positive mental attitude and the harnessing of the infinite substance that resonates in all of us. Sounds like a big job right? Well the good news is there is a guide to help you discover the key to success.


 Humanity is in a constant state of flux, we are constantly evolving and changing, in effect our lives are transforming daily. If you examine the average life 100 or even 50 years ago, we are more technological, more knowledgeable and more enlightened as a species. This constant evolution leads many of us to be more conscious, and with a greater desire to transform our lives and businesses to become what we describe as better people and or successful.


The truth is life happens, and everyone that is living will experience the good, the bad, and the ugly, so we all want to know the secret to success, how to overcoming setbacks and making progress.The truth is many of us are trying to achieve this on our own, but it is better when we achieve together and have tools, resources, and mentors to assist us along the way. Making the decision to transform your life and business is just the beginning, making the decision to use Lyfekey as your guide is discovering a supportive platform of inspiration to help you on your journey. LyfeKey lets you share goals with friends, family and fellow entrepreneurs so you can all work together towards you deepest desires.With Lyfekey we encourage you to enlist supporters who can view your personal goals and cheer you on to success, because we know that implementing real change in our lives isn't always easy, and entrepreneurship is a beast of its own kind.


We are a culture of habit — equating the familiar with the warm and fuzzy concepts of safety and security, even if the "familiar" isn't necessarily good for us. As a result, we resist change as long as we can, all the while talking about it, wishing for it, and promising to do it tomorrow. The solution is to find a way to introduce change gently, to incorporate it into our daily routines in a way that makes it as minimally invasive as possible, so that by the time we realize we've made a major change, it's already become a comfortable habit that we've learned to embrace instead of dread. This is what we propose at LyfeKey.



LyfeKey is a web based application that helps you set, track and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Want to get more in touch with the "entrepreneur in you?" LyfeKey offers you a platform that doesn't just track your progress; it also helps you establish your core values, i.e., what's really important to you and your business. The result is that your goals become more personalized, and by using the Lyfekey platform your goal-setting becomes extremely effective helping you track your way to success. There's also a journal feature, blogs, podcast, and interviews from others who have achieved some success in their own entrepreneurial journey to inspire you. There are social community forums to help keep you informed, strengthened and on track.

 The main features and tools available through LyfeKey include:

  • Unique Goal Tracking
  • Customized Vision Boards
  • Personalized Motivation Boards
  • Goal Tracking Timelines
  • Journaling/Blogging
  • Letters To Future Self
  • Podcast and interviews

 With a focus on social community, the sharing of ideas and goals, and a chance to experience an us/we ethos rather than I, me and mine, LyfeKey is set to become a game changer for this generation.



So why should you use LyfeKey over any other self-help or entrepreneurial growth app, or program on the market? LyfeKey is an online self-help journal with a community of likeminded individuals, that share one main focus to help each other begin to fulfill their wildest dreams, set and accomplish specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time based goals, and eliminate doubt and self-limiting beliefs.

 At LyfeKey we have targeted our information and resource towards young entrepreneurs, we have taken into consideration the attention span of our audience, the knowledge and wisdom of youth and the energy that permeates from young people with the intention to escape the rat race and the stress of starting and operating a business. While we love to help older entrepreneurs, there is plenty of information and resources available to them as they are more seasoned and typically have a larger network, however we want to really support the next generation of world leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, as this is the key to a positive future for all.

 At LyfeKey our members can expect the following benefits

  • We help members reach a deeper understanding of self.

  • We help members discover a life purpose and what they desire most

  • Most importantly LyfeKey helps people live their best possible life and understand who they truly are and what they can become.


With easy online access and the latest cutting edge technology, Lyfekey is a bespoke software that has been created and designed by Axana LLC and Syberry Corporation, a team of entrepreneurs and software developers with many years of industry experience



The company behind LyfeKey is called Axana LLC. A well-established organization with a focus on self-development and entrepreneurship.

The founders of LyfeKey are:

Zarek Wynn Co-Founder, Delano Perry Co-Founder/Life Coach/Entrepreneur and Steven Smith Co-Founder/Marketing Director  

All are well experienced providers of life and business transformation solutions.


Axana was formed to deliver services to people with a need to develop themselves, and their businesses.  The two have grown the business to a point where they are now ready to develop a digital platform that delivers their services globally, reaching many more people and changing many more lives.



The goal for Axana is to raise $70,000 to deliver the final web based application. The development team is all set and the plans are in place, all of the IP has been drafted and now we just need to raise the funds to complete the project and that’s where you come in.

 The funds break down is:

$60,000 for the software development

$3,000 for website

$7,000 for Kickstarter fees


yfekey is filled with life transforming strategies and techniques that will aid you in reaching your highest potential.  LyfeKey is so much more than just an application it is a guide created simply to motivate you to look deeper within yourself and learn to Love Yourself Forever.  The door of opportunity and endless possibilities is just within your grasp and maybe you just need a little assistance getting you off in the right direction.

 If so, then kick your feet up and relax for a while as we partner to help you gain access to the greatness behind this door with the LyfeKey.

 Join us on this journey of greatness as we work to be of value and aid to mankind, and our fellow entrepreneurs. Also, remember to stay focused, ignore the naysayers, believe it’s possible, and Love Yourself Forever!! Thank you for reading our campaign, please support us so we can support you and many others. We appreciate everything you do for our campaign,

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