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Make wife swim with whales

By Yog Sothoth

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Ended 05/31/2017

"Please help me making this work! Just take 2 minutes to read my description on gofundme - sharing is caring! Thanks"

— Yog Sothoth and
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Well, what to say, where to start.... On the photograph of the gofundme campaign I want make work here, you see me and my lovely wife-to-be, who I will marry this september! We have been a couple for 9 years and together we overcame many obstacles in our lives and grew stronger together than we could ever have imagined! However, she saved me back in the days! She is one of the most selfless persons I have ever met, always caring, always giving everything she has to help the people around her. If it wasn't for her, I surely wouldn't be the person I am today, neither would I be a good part of society. She saved me from a life that would surely have destroyed if not even killed me by now. But because of her, nowadays I am working as a social worker with children who are mentally disabled, doing my part to give back what good I have received over the years! But I not only want to give back to society, I also want to give her something back! I am so eager to fulfill one of her greatest wishes, that surely would make her cry because of joy, but I don't know how.... As our wedding comes closer, it becomes clearer and clearer, that it will cost a fortune! We will not only have guests to get around from all over Germany, but also have to "import" some close friends and relatives from Spain, Portugal and even as far as Canada. That leaves our pockets for the honeymoon nearly empty.... I am not here to be a beggar, nor will I claim that we wouldn't go to have a honeymoon if you guys will not fund us. That simply would be a lie, and I am not here to lie to you. But it would be a different one! What I can tell you is, that this is my last resort to make her dream come true and give this gift to her on our wedding: to fly to Tonga and make her swim with Humpback whales and their calfes in the mating season. If you want to support me giving this gift to the love of my life, who is a complete stranger to you, I will be forever grateful and once again believe in the good, that is inherent to all humans! If not, I can perfectly understand and please don't hate on me for starting this campaign.... What little I can offer as a gesture of thanks, is a personalized postcard/picture from Tonga (if we manage to get there), if you want it! I am well aware thet there are a lot of people trying this, as well as other (maybe better) causes to share your hard earned dollars with..... But at least I can say to myself, I tried everything! Thank you!

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Created on 2017-05-17 13:53:08