Midgard Maps

Transform our world into high-quality fantasy-style maps in the tradition of Middle-Earth, Westeros, and Azeroth! http://hfht.co/X6pGT


What is Midgard Maps?
There is a magic in maps, and any great legend cannot help but begin with one! Midgard Maps takes real cities, states and countries and transforms them into high-quality fantasy-style maps. Each map is meticulously designed, drawn and detailed to give it an authentic aged and mystical look. Now you can have a map of your favorite city, state, or town in the style of such beautiful, legendary maps as Middle-Earth, Westeros, Narnia, and Azeroth.


Midgard Maps offers pre-made as well as fully custom maps from the mystical isle of Manahatta in the east, to the northern, wind-battered kingdom of Chicah-Gôh, to the gleaming city of the southwestern coast, Lös Anjeleez, to the fabled city of the southern shore, Myah-Mee, and anywhere and everywhere in between and beyond.

Even the pre-made maps offer a large amount of customization. A customer can decide between the color of the background, various borders and compass-stars, as well as the fonts and calligraphy style used.

The maps are available in a variety of formats:

1. Posters (three different sizes: 11×17, 18×24, 24×36

2. T-shirts (this, too, includes a wide variety of styles and customizable possibilities)

3. Calendars (featuring 12 maps. Available pre-made or custom)

With your pledges, we can purchase a high-quality poster printer, as well as fulfill an initial order of t-shirts!

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