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“ Join trailblazers to hack #Crowdfunding for personal development. Give £25 and get to raise up to £6000. #susumoney

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The best thing about crowdfunding is that it helps get things done without exploitation, and everybody wins. It’s worked for great causes and ideas, now let’s make it work for people.

Our mission is to give people an alternative to ridiculously expensive personal loans by opening up the social finance option via person to person crowdfunding.

We can do this with Susu, a model of  crowdfunding that has worked successfully for centuries in traditional societies. Susu means ‘little by little’. With Susu, people join a little campaign where each person contributes a little fixed amount which goes to the beneficiary. Then each person takes turns being a beneficiary of the donations. It is reciprocal.

Susumoney is a crowdfunding platform based on the ancient Susu system.

The principle of Susumoney is ‘Give and then you will Receive’.

Members cannot create a crowdfunding campaign unless they have first contributed to an existing Susu.

Every campaign has a minimum contribution of £25 and it goes up from there. Once each campaign is completed the donors will get a chance to create their own campaign. It’s a brat way to raise funds together.

We’ve started our Beta-Trial with the first few campaigns and now we want to invite you to join our Beta and move the crowd forward. If you back any of these first campaigns with £25, you will also get in line to raise a minimum £300 from the crowd @ Susumoney for your personal stuff.

EVERY donor gets to be a beneficiary.

Even if you don’t have £25 now to contribute, you can help us spread the word by liking this post and sharing it in your Network.

Lets get this revolution started.

#Susumoney is Crowdfunding for EVERYONE.

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