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Quality Sun glasses low price

By Bruno Telmo Rego

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Ended 08/17/2017


— Bruno Telmo Rego and
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"SOLYS" wants to disrupt the market of the sunglasses and put an end to the monopoly by creating  quality sunglasses at a low price. Like other brands ( ex.Hawkers Co.) step by step, brand by brand, this monopoly will end, and all the people can buy high quality glasses with out paying absurd prices only because of the brand. WE DEFEND THAT SUNGLASSES SHOULDN´T BE THAT EXPENSIVE. "SOLYS" is starting  in Portugal with  the conviction that the eyewear industry is deeply unfair. That's why we decided to join the revolution that is gaining power with other low cost/high quality brands, and we believe that in a few years big brands will reduce theirs sales and their prices. That´s why, from day 1, every single cent will be reinvested in increasing our product quality and spreading the word so we can take the next steps  forward. So, all of you are important in this project, with any contribution or simply by sharing this dream with your friends and family. This whole project is about joining and make noise, because when there is noise and crowds, there is trouble for the established power. That´s why every one of you becomes crucial! We need your help to join the sunglasses revolution: "SOLYS" was born with the conviction to help changing this unfair industry. That's why we need you to join us. Our mission is to provide awesome sunglasses  at a fair price. By selling directly to consumers on our future website (still under constrution), we can avoid unnecessary middle stores. Even we don´t achieve our goal, we will not give up, yes it´s going to take a lot more time, but we will never give up our goal, and lose the focus and the path that we choose to take until the end. VIRIATUSTUGASLUSUSZENSPRINGSjyhhywrqonir1d5fndee

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Created on 2017-06-19 08:53:08