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In today’s modern and hectic life, the need become bigger and wider than ever to save time and be able to spend our requirements rapidly and professionally. Mobile phones are became an inseparable part in this, in fact we use it all time, in all ways; whether for work, business or for communicating socially. Also, we can ask for help or avoid danger by using our cellular. But, in such these cases, how many people (if it were not one of you), have experienced a situation where the battery gave out or died when you necessarily in need for it badly, indeed you will become frustrated and disappointed. This drama happened with me several times a week, even during a conversation with an important client, as it occurred last time. Although, a spare power bank found in my bag, like many people did, still was no time to pull it out, find a cable to connect it to my phone because it was already off for a while. For these reasons and many others, I start thinkingseriously to create something more convenient and more effective. An external battery, which will be always handy, with no cable needed and immediately useful. That moment ‘Quickie’ was born.

One of the 1st sketches


Quickie sketch


fig. 1: One of the first sketches I created.

I listed above an illustrated sketches from family and friends. They have supported my idea. So, with all that encouragement, and finally I decided to briefs my friend who is an electronic engineer to my idea. He confirmed that the idea is feasible, also he start helping me to develop my first prototype.




Quickie 3D design




Quickie charger is ...



Now let Quickie tells you things about himself…

Quickie - Full of Power


Quickie gives you an extended battery life whenever and wherever you need it, while travelling by roads for many hours, relaxing on the beach, in which case you are in, you will prepared for those long hours of using power.


Quickie Will Be Available In two versions:


Quickie (with lightning) -  For iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus
(with microUSB) -  For Android & Windows Phone Device



Quickie - Everywhere


Quickie will be loaded with an electrical energy; which enable you to recharge your phone anywhere and anytime, making your outdoor activities and travels more flexible and more easy. As a result, you will never lose the option to retain pleasant moments forever any more.



Quickie - The Smallest Charger


One of this project goals is reducing the charger size as small as possible. Quickie is designed in small and tiny shape that can be fitted into the slimmest pockets. Your feeling will be that you carry nothing while you handle it. That goal is already achieved.




Quickie - Immediate Use


Quickie guaranteed an immediate protection for your mobile phone’s battery from completely discharge. Quickie designed to be always ready and available for you.


Quickie - Precise Design

Quickie styled with an emphasis on finesse and precision in every detail. This Symphonic of contours completes an option of a beautiful range of colors, making your choice confusing.















Project Timeline




There is no shipping fee today. When we’re ready to start shipping we’ll email you and you can confirm your shipping information at that time. Shipping will be at cost. We won’t subsidize it – nor profiting from it. Free worldwide shipping for Family Pack, Small Office Pack & Office Pack.






Dear contributors, you can choose your Quickie’s version type and color.





We are very close to go into full production. With your support we ensure final part of Quickie project and make it available for all of you. We expected to be able to start delivering Quickie to your hands in early autumn 2015. Our team would like to thank all of our contributors and supporters for making the Quickie real. Be part of successful realization of the Quickie charger.






F. A. Q.


Why is it called “Quickie”, while it’s simply a charger?


Quickie has been designed to be used easily, light to carry and can be pluged into your phone immediatly. Just pull and plug, so it’s became “Quickie”, due to the quickness of this process.


Could I use Quickie for my iPhone and iPad ?


Yes you could, if you have one of the new Apple devices. After contribution, don’t forget to choose the iPhone Quickie version.


Apple devices which use Lightning:


  • iPhone: 5, 5C, 5S, 6 & 6Plus.
  • iPad: AIR (The new 5th generation), 4th Generation (late 2012), Mini (all models).
  • iPod: Nano (7th gen and newer), Touch (5th gen and newer).


Why Quickie is good for my iPhone ?


iPhone will no more out of power or reboot.


How can I get my own Quickie ?


You can be one of the first owners when you support Quickie’s campaign, by selecting it as your favorite perk.


Do I need another accessories?


No extra accessories needed. You will use your default charger that you already use to charge your phone.


Are there different versions of Quickie charger ?


Yes, Quickie is designed for iPhone, Android and Windows phone. Choose your version of Quickie charger at the link above.


How long can I use Quickie on my phone for calling ?


Quickie charger will allow you to make calls by giving your phone enough power to the next several hours.


In specific, Up to 6 hours of calling, 4 hours of surfing Internet and 3 hours of gaming. These numbers are based on iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.


How Quickie can be recharged ?


You can recharge Quickie by using your phone charger. Roughly, full charge will take about 25 minutes.


Do I have to pay for shipping?


No shipping fees will be added for now. Before we send the shippment we will email you to confirm your shipping information at that stage. Shipping will be at cost, which means that we will not subsidize it – nor profiting from it. Free worldwide shipping for Family, Offices or companies Packages.


I have more questions. Can I talk to you ?


Yes, you can leave us comment here at indiegogo or send us mail to quickie.charger@gmail.com


I’m a journalist, and I am interested to write more about your work. Who can I talk to?


Yes, send us mail to quickie.charger@gmail.com

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