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Crewel Work is the first book in The Tapestry Series. The series is about the Becker family who own a race horse farm. Each book will be about a different member of the family and together the series tells the family’s story, much like a tapestry.

            Crewel Work is about the youngest member of the Becker family and the only daughter, Audra, who at seventeen years old is head-over-heels for the farm’s apprentice horse trainer (enter hot cowboy).


The title of this first book in the series is a play on words, crewel/cruel work, referring to what becomes of the apprentice horse trainer, J.P. Ryan’s, job once his boss forbids a relationship between J.P. and his boss’s daughter, Audra.

Who are you?

I write stories about romance. They center on learning about the characters backgrounds, personalities and life circumstances that mold them into who they are and how they love.

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