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School of futute

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Ended 01/10/2017

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After two years of software development we launched and we have one of the best virtual classrooms in the world. Now students and adults can learn by doing, which is the most effective way. Many of the tutors want to use the virtual classroom in their schools. To do that we have to develop a good LMS (teachers to give tests, follow the progress of the students, etc).  We need to raise $30000 for software development so our top-notch virtual classroom can be used also in schools. Education as we know it gets disrupted by the amazing online tutoring platform, Your Tutor. A whole new world with endless online possibilities is opened up to students and adults. Your Tutor is the ultimate virtual classroom platform that offers unique education or follow-up training. It is a rare combination of the benefits of classic teaching with the infinite possibilities of new technologies. Users of the platform get online access to the best tutors from any part of the country, at any time. High-quality individual lessons, courses, and seminars are all accessible with just a few clicks. The tools of the virtual classroom enable interactive teaching (students learn by doing, not by listening as in a webinar) while the tutor can teach as he does in the traditional classroom. No need to install anything or to buy any special device. Just your laptop with a camera and the internet. Simple as 1-2-3. With this awesome virtual classroom you have the perfect online tutoring but don't you want to be able to use such tool in your school. There are students who need consultation, others  has health problems, sometimes you want get lectures by experts who cannot come to your school. This can be done with a virtual classroom. Skype and google hangouts are not designed for teaching and they don't have the necessary features.  However schools use LMS such as Blackboard, Moodle, etc. in their everyday school life. Without a LMS schools won't be able to use our awesome tool. By supporting us you can help us to give it to your school or college. It will be the school of future.

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Created on 2017-01-03 09:53:16