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SoleMates Sandals, LLC

By Brenda Hockett

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Ended 10/31/2016

"Solemates Sandals are unique flip flops(Soles) with interchangeable beaded tops(Mates) that snap on and off."

— Brenda Hockett and
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Check out our fantastic new project at the link below, and get some great perks for showing your support!

Interchangeable is in!!! From purses, to watches and jewelry, to flip flops, women love the variety and functionality that interchangeable products offer.

Flippin' FUN for Everyone!!
Flippin' FUN for Everyone!!

Actually, the inspiration behind Solemates Sandals was an interchangeable watch band made of jewelry beads. The original owner, Cammie, was so intrigued by the beads, their varying shapes, sizes and colors, and the interchangeable nature of the bands themselves that she began thinking of the many things that these fun and colorful beads might be able to decorate, while still offering the same interchangeable nature of that original watch band she purchased. And then it hit her . . . what do women love, I mean really love, to shop for more than shoes and jewelry? And why couldn’t they love them both at the same time? That single thought, united shoes and jewelry, and led to the invention of Solemates Sandals.

We plan to purchase this existing business and expand the product line that Cammie started. This means we have product on hand ready to ship! We will need to hire twenty (20) artisans to help hand-bead the Mates. Our goal is to continue to create unique, fashionable and functional Soles and Mates that women will fall in love with every time they put them on. We know how popular they are with the ladies and even husbands get all excited for their wives if the wife is not around to take a peek. Take a look around. . . you’ll fall in love with Solemates too. 

Jewelry for your feet!
Jewelry for your feet!

Solemates Sandals, the first of their kind, are unique flip flops (Soles) with interchangeable beaded tops (Mates) that simply snap on and off the sandal. Unlike the human Mates in your life, these Mates are extremely easy to change. As a matter of fact, you can change your Mates whenever you feel like it . . . every day, or multiple times a day . . . if you are that kind of girl. Whether you choose to stick with one Mate, or don’t want to commit to just one, there are so many Mates available, we’re sure you’ll be able to create your “perfect pair."

Aside from being delightfully stylish and colorful, the interchangeable nature of Solemates Sandals make them extremely functional. With both wedges and flats in jet black, mocha brown and white to choose from, and more than 40 interchangeable Mates to adorn them, Solemates Sandals make color coordination a “snap."

From day to evening, week to weekend, for special occasions, to show school spirit or to add functionality and convenience while traveling, there’s no doubt Solemates interchangeable sandals will simplify finding that perfect match! 

How it works: Check out our flip flops, click the green button that says "Back This Project", and select the reward level that gets you the products you want. (You can donate more than the reward level if you would like.) We'll email you a survey when the campaign is complete to ask for your size and color preference. We have product ready to ship! 

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges facing us as we purchase and re-launch the SoleMates Sandals brand are to re-energize existing retail markets, find new retail markets, find artisans to produce the Mates and to create new bling Mates that will sweep you off your Soles!!

If we should receive far more funding than our goal, delivery may take longer than expected. Still, we are obsessively dedicated to impeccable customer service, and will always keep you updated.

No Campaign Updates. Check Back Sometime Soon.

Created on 2016-10-18 13:53:18