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Symphony Novel's ELIXIR

By Rachit Sachdeva

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Ended 01/21/2016

"Symphony Novel invites everyone in the making of their second studio album ELIXIR."

— Rachit Sachdeva and
other supporters

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Symphony Novel - a progressive rock / experimental outfit from India invites everyone in the making of their second studio album - ELIXIR. Our music is a unique blend of progressive rock rhythms layered with Indian classical and Western Vocal melodies and ambient keys. After a very successful first album ARIA , and single Ethereal Ash, we are now ready to step up our game to a whole new level. We’ve been going through various platforms over the months only to realize that the efforts that we will be putting in to make our new album can only be recognized and appreciated by you’ll. Crowd funding as a concept has been tried and tested by many bands and they have gained traction.The reason for being on HeadTalker is to connect with people from all over the world and persuade them to be a pat of this crowdfunding campaign. We need to reach out to as people as we can and make them a part of our album ELIXIR. We will account to you to show you how the money is spent and prove that making a top notch record comes at a price. Who knows, if we exceed our goal we will be able to do things we may have only dreamed about.We are opting for Flexible Funding so that even if we don’t meet the target, we still get the money that has been raised. In that case if we don't reach our goal, we will have to reevaluate how we are planning to do this record. Regardless, we are ready to deliver this thing however our campaign plays out. Our target goal is 20,000 USD . The entire money raised will be used in studio rents , tracking the songs , sound engineer , mixing , mastering , Album Art work , Cd Printing , Rewards , Indiegogo fees , taxes , Shipping of rewards. By being a part of this project, you will help us compose some of our most challenged thoughts and make them come true through our album. It’s obviously a huge responsibility for us to live up to the expectations of everyone who believes in us and have inspired us. Keeping all of this in mind and not just giving you our words of wisdom, we genuinely want to live up to our expectations and make you an integral part of this journey. We would not settle down for anything mediocre and will come up with the best music that we’ve made so far. Symphony Novel's Indiegogo Campaign

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Created on 2016-01-07 13:17:49