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The Chasm is out!

By Ioana Visan

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Ended 11/10/2016

"The Chasm is out! Fire burns. What could be worse? Look into the chasm. #99cents #scifi #kindle #kindleunlimited"

— Ioana Visan and
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Please join the Headtalker campaign to help spread the word about Ioana Visan's upcoming science fiction novel The Chasm. Book Description: On a distant planet, a discovery has been made that can change the industrial world as we know it, landerslide, a plant with properties just beginning to be uncovered, yet ones that may prove endless… and very profitable. The harsh terrain of the planet makes retrieval difficult, yet when the chasm opens and lava spews forth, it makes the operation impossible – and deadly. Seanah Ward is a brilliant chemist, and possibly the only one alive who can solve the riddle of the chasm. Armed with science and a theory, she is sent with a team to the mining colony on a mission to cool the lava on the hostile world of flame and death. Once there, Seanah discovers that everything she was told is a lie. Her cousin is still dead, but the miners, whom she had been told were dead or deranged from the smoke, are alive. When they crash land while surveying the chasm, Seanah is left to pick up the pieces, salvage what she can from the wreckage and attempt the impossible. Aided by Griff Hollander, chief commander of the Northside Fire Brigade, and Dex Sheppard, a geologist who currently leads the colony, Seanah must put her methods to work, trying to cool a flame that burns with the planets core. Yet the chasm seems to know they are there as it seeks them out with fireballs and terror. It’s a moving, breathing thing that stalks the planet, surrounding the colony, and appears determined to drown them all in its lava. Fire burns. What could be worse? Look into the chasm. Release Date: November 10 Pre-order on Amazon ($0.99 special pre-order price). Add to Goodreads. More details on

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Created on 2016-09-12 00:53:09