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The Chronicles of Travelstead

By Sadie K. Frazier

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Ended 05/09/2017

"Download Your Free Copy of The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls May 7th and 8th Only!"

— Sadie K. Frazier and
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Hello! My name is Sadie K. Frazier and this is my debut #horror #steampunk short-story of The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls. I hope you grab your free copy May 7th and 8th only! More to come soon as Travelstead and his companions travel to Mt. Crusarius Asylum where they become trapped inside the minds of the mentally deranged! Man-made weapons are sometimes used as facade, to assuage those who would not understand one important truth; that all battles ultimately are fought not with the handle of the sword or by the power of indomitable strength alone, but by the controlling of the rampant thoughts running through one’s own mind.

Diabolical specters schemed in their secret quarters in the garret above, and the fiercely determined foursome devised a plan to vanquish and destroy the abhorrent Lords of the night, as the vestibule below came alive with a conglomeration of gruesome and perplexing creatures of the night.

Join Travelstead, the Gothic warrior from another realm, and his unconventional entourage as they fight the battle of their lives and souls against a secret Coven of Witches lurking in the dark, ancient cobblestone passages of the town of Ashwood Falls.

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Created on 2017-05-06 13:53:07