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TRUMPED shocking Release

By Delaine Christine

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Ended 10/08/2016

"Who gets TRUMPED by whom in the next RavenCroft family tale? Vortigern Black tells all. Pre-Order your copy now!"

— Delaine Christine and
other supporters

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Available October 28, 2016.  Pre-Order your copy HERE!
A mysterious box of "fictional" Phenomena books...
An author...
An Angel...
A family of gifted individuals...
And a mysterious narrator comprise the next messed up tale of family chaos, intrigue, and jacked up romance in Trumped no. 3 of the RavenCroft Collection.  But don't take my word for it.
"Ever heard of a love story so twisted that it made you stop dead in your tracks and stare off into oblivion with a blank expression while scratching your head going, “What the ‘beeboop?'"
Well, if you haven’t before you sure are about to now.
Vortigern Black here.
That’s right, I’m back with another tale of RavenCroft love, loss, and intrigue. 
Or, at least, we hope. 
To be honest I’m not sure this one gets entirely ironed out by the end of it.  I mean it does, but it doesn’t.  I imagine that doesn’t make much sense but then neither does this story. 
...On that note, it’s time to strap on your weird-o-meter hat and lube up its rusty dial because I guarantee you, things are about to get pretty wild. 
Why, you might be wondering? 
Well, I’ll tell you why. 
It’s because Kahner’s identical twin brother Kalturek and his wife Stephanie have become baby crazed.  They both want one, they’re determined to have one, and they’re liable to do just about anything in order to get one.
Makes a body wonder how far exactly they’re willing to go…"
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Created on 2016-10-04 12:53:07