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Unbound: BOTK 19 Release

By EvangelineA

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Ended 03/18/2017

"#MustRead: #UnboundBOTK19 by Evangeline Anderson is a #oneclick #newrelease! #alien #scifi #romance #ebook #BOTK"

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Unbound: Brides of the Kindred 19 by bestselling author Evangeline Anderson will be released on March 18, 2017.  

You can find it at the following links: Amazon US – Amazon International – Barnes & Noble – Smashwords – Kobo – iBooks – Website

  Blurb They tore him from his family, erased his past, even stripped him of his name—all to mold him into the perfect fighting machine and ultimate bodyguard. They call him Varin—the Bound One—and he is utterly devoted to one woman alone, the Princess Brynalla of Galen Prime. Though he doesn’t know it, Varin is a Vision Kindred—able to see and decimate any enemy’s weakness immediately. His branch of the Kindred form a dream-sharing bond early—a fact that has been exploited to bind him to Princess Brynalla of the Royal House of Galen Prime. But the bond is only supposed to go one way—no one knows that Brynalla dreams of her silent, stoic guard nearly as often as he dreams of her. Though he can never have her, Varin is sworn to protect her with his life…but there are some things even he can’t protect her from. When a race of insectile beings called the Hive threaten Galen Prime, Brynalla’s father agrees to hand his daughter over to their leader, X’izith, as a Breeding Queen. Varin saves her from a fate worse than death but the Hive’s memory is long and hungry—Varin and Brynn won’t be safe until they find a haven to shelter them. Varin knows he has a people and a past—if he can find them, he can protect his princess. But the memory block that keeps him from remembering, also binds him to Brynn. Will he still love her when he recovers his past and becomes Unbound? And can even the might of the Kindred save them from the hunger and fury of the Hive?

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Created on 2017-03-07 15:53:07