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Newswire and HeadTalker are committed to create new and better ways to take a social media message viral.

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A New Breed of Vampire

By Carol Ann King

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Ended 07/01/2023

"A new breed of Vampire awaits. This #indieprideday explore the next chapter in #vampire #evolution #books #mustread"

— Carol Ann King and
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Your journey begins here... From the Author of The Portal Prophecies books, comes the anticipated new series: Tomoiya's Story. This series is the perfect addition to any Vampire fan's collection. Space travel. To some it is an advancement; a way to meet new races, learn new traditions; explore new cultures - a chance to expand the mind with knowledge of the unknown. To others, it is nothing more than a new outlet of resources to exploit and destroy. To the naive and trusting it is a recipe for disaster. The question of whether or not venturing into the realm of the stars is worthwhile, is a topic that will be argued for generations to come. The Universe - vast and never ending. It recycles within itself. What happened before comes full circle and occurs again. Some call it fate - others destiny. Two different ages - Two vampire princesses. Two stories - one written in a book - the other about to begin. Escape To Darkness tells the tale of Allaynie, a vampire whose tears are worth a fortune. A chance meeting on her wedding day changes her whole existence. and Woden, a man to whom greed is merely good business. Hunting is his trade. He'll do anything to collect her unique tears for profit, even chase her into darkness. This novella explores an alternate explanation for the myths and legends that surround modern day Vampires and can be read as a stand alone story.

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Created on 2023-06-22 18:53:07