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A New Life in 30 Days!

By Barrett

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Ended 03/23/2016

"Get "30 Ways to Transform Your Life" and Change Your Life in One Month! FREE March 23-27. #Kindle #changeyourlife"

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Do you want to CHANGE your life? Are you tired of the same results? If so, it is time to do a NEW thing. In fact, it is time to do 30 NEW THINGS that will empower you in transforming your personal and professional life. Lifestyle entrepreneur and lifespan expert Barrett Clemmensen Powell has created an e-ook you can use to create a new outcome for your life. Improve your professional performance and your personal life in all areas in 30 days - one step per day. Use this guide to make changes that transform you on a daily basis. Whenever you need to refresh your life, you can use the steps in this workbook. Each day includes a fun sheet you can use to reflect on the changes. Now you can download the Kindle version of this book to keep with you wherever you go. Not only that, you can download it for FREE over five days: March 23-27. May your life e abundant in every way!

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