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Ended 12/25/2014

"Help support a small Robotics Club and in return we will advertise for your business!"

— Elertify and
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About Us The Seaquam Robotics club is a program dedicated to increasing student interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Founded in 2010, the club consists of students from grades eight through twelve, all with the goal of becoming the next generation of leaders and innovators. Club members are involved in both building high quality robots and in developing their personal skill sets. Students who join the club end up becoming motivated and articulate leaders ready to go to university and beyond.

Where Will Your Money Go? Contributions are very important to us, since we receive little school funding. Using your donations, we can fund our robotics supplies, pay for quality tools and materials our students can use, and support our participation in Robotics tournaments:

We plan on building a fifth robot due to the increasing number of students who are joining the club. Also to get involved with many more competitions, both as volunteers and participants. Most of the funding will go towards parts for each robot.

The Impact The Seaquam Robotics club is a new program with endless potential. Unfortunately there is only one thing holding us back from doing so. That is the proper funds to help run the program. Students have been showing their interest and dedication by paying out of their own pockets too attend competitions and events because our school simply can’t supply us with the proper funds. The amount of students joining the club has almost doubled since last year yet the funding has stayed the same. The club nearly made it to the world championships only using the small amount of funding given to us. Now imagine what we can do if we had the proper funds for the program.

Challenges The Seaquam Robotics club also helps contributes to our local community. When our students go out and teach others about the robotics field, they not only get others interested in such education, they get themselves better versed and more about excited about the program. Currently, our team’s main community service activity is Mentoring. Our team members plan to travel, with their robots, to surrounding Elementary Schools and introduce and teach the sixth and seventh graders about basic robotics.

Other Ways You Can Help Mentoring- If you are a company, providing employees to teach robotics skills, or skills of any kind, would be incredibly helpful, as they can teach skills better than any textbook or tutorial. If you are a potential volunteer reading this, your presence would make a huge difference

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