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Affordable. Housing. Now.

By Andrea Hardy

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Ended 01/30/2017

"Join us in support of our quest to live simply and to help others do the same. Please view and share this campaign!"

— Andrea Hardy and
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Our Story Hello! After struggling with rising housing costs, we decided to go tiny. The main reason is that it would help us to live simply so that we can have more time for our family, volunteer work in the community and the resources we need to complete our build. We are excited for this new endeavor and we hope that eventually we can offer affordable living to other individuals or families. Our Build Due to the fact that most of our resources are used to cover rent, bills and other expenses, we just can't afford the supplies we need to resume building. In 2013 we bought a trailer and my husband started building. We hoped to hire someone with more experience to finish our home.  We decided to build ourselves after we gave a contractor a few thousand dollars for him to basically do nothing we requested, then disappear. This was money we had saved while in transitional housing so this was a very low point for our family. The house has been sitting unfinished ever since. My husband and I both work full time. He works outside the home and I opened up shop on instagram (@andreahardydesigns). How Will Funds Be Used Funds will be used to purchase all building materials and secure a permanent spot for our home. Also, we would be happy to donate food, toiletries and other essentials to families and individuals in crises/temporary housing. Anything beyond that will be used to build at least one other unit to offer affordable living to another individual or family. Please Help Us Spread The Word Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and would help us to secure affordable housing for ourselves and others! PLEASE SHARE ON FB AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA.  THANK YOU!       

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