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Afraid-in-Water Adults’ Pool

By Melon Dash

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Ended 03/26/2016

"You have no idea what's missing from adult swimming lessons unless you see this project."

— Melon Dash and
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Learning freestyle is not learning to swim. Learning to swim is becoming safe in deep water. Everyone needs to be safe in deep water. Strokes are the efficient way to swim. But before you become efficient, you will be inefficient. While we're first learning, just about everybody is inefficient. The good news is: "inefficient" is enough to be safe. Water safety for the whole world is far simpler and quicker to teach than has been previously thought. We don't need to know strokes to be safe. In fact, strokes are not relevant for safety. Most of the 109 million adults in the U.S. who are afraid in water (Gallup, 1998) have tried to learn to swim in their lifetimes. But their swimming lessons were about learning strokes. Because these people were not allowed to be inefficient first, they had virtually no chance of success. With little chance of success, most failed. They blamed themselves. Many became discouraged, quit, and resigned themselves to not being swimmers in this lifetime. Now, 80% of drownings in the U.S. are by adults (CDC 2015). Almost half of American adults can't swim. Their families cannot be safe around water if they, as parents can't swim. Our Kickstarter campaign is to renovate a pool dedicated to teaching adults who are afraid in water to swim. We've done it for 33 years. We are the creme de la creme of adult swimming lessons. But that's not all. There is no other program that works for all. Please help us open this pool. Deadline March 26. We're 79% of the way there. Thank you.

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