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Age of Reason

By JC Goloubev

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Ended 04/08/2023

"Educating people, one mind at a time"

— JC Goloubev and
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Politics and religion become too often mixed even though our Constitution makes it uber clear that the two must remain separate. That's of course in the U.S. but the same is happening in many other countries. At the time, I was watching a couple of online podcasts such as the Atheist Experience and I thought hey, I could do something like that. During that time, I was also in the process of filming a feature-length documentary on Judeo-Christian religions called "Requiescat in pace ". It was completed in September 2015. But in addition to the film, I wanted to have my own show where I would discuss philosophical topics. So I created "Age of Reason", a show that promotes positive Atheism, knowledge and common sense. I actually like to explore topics other than religion because religion doesn't evolve but other things do. We also cover other topics on the shows, such as politics, literature, logic & reason. You never quite know what's coming up, we like to keep our audience on their toes. The show is currently in its second season but I want to make it look as good and as professional as possible. We currently have one pro camera and we use 2 much cheaper cameras for close-ups, but I would like to have all 3 cameras of the same high level. I'm currently eyeing 2 other Sony NX5 cameras but would settle on NX3 ones. There is no specific deadline but obviously the sooner the better. This show is well.. my lifelong career now it seems. Personally, I am unable to hold a regular job because I suffer from chronic depression. Otherwise, I would obviously save up and buy everything. I am not lazy or something like that at all, I unfortunately have this medical condition that hinders a bunch of things in my life. Since I can't hold a proper job, I use my film degree to do what I do best. I enjoy making films and the show of course. The main point is to educate people on various issues. I do this as a service to the world and if it helps folks, then we really achieve something. We try to have different co-hosts on the show, that way the opinions are more varied. We often present objective facts but of course at times we present subjective ones and justify them. If I can get this running as a professional production, I will be eternally grateful for everyone that participates in the funding campaign. Finally, one last word on this campaign. I currently don't have a big social net like many people online do. It is growing but it's not comparable. Also I have never been one of those people to have 5000 friends on FB. This is why you may see this campaign in many various places. Also, if we do not reach the goal in this campaign, the funds acquired will be set aside and deducted from future campaigns. Ultimately though, I cannot do it without your support!
  • Our next show is scheduled for March 26th. We will march on in Exodus (Bible), Talk about the Bill Clinton presidency and conclude with a review of a video that leans heavily towards conspiracy theories. While we are able to do the show, the 2 pro-grade cameras would sure help the look of it. The idea is to have three cameras that are of the same quality. Right now, we have one pro-grade and 2 very cheap Sony handicams.

    Posted on 2023-03-15 10:41:25