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By Arthur David

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Ended 01/20/2017

"Celebrate the re-release of BlackMail the Beginning"

— Arthur David and
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15 years ago i was encouraged to start writing. That encouragment led to my first book. This is not about that book. In it I envisioned a near future with a shadowy organization was endeavoring to change the future, arguably for the better, though not through nice means. While writing it I realized it was not the main characters story. So I went back and wrote a prequel about the true main character. I released that book, BlackMail: The Beginning to disastrous results. It wasn't polished enough, it wasn't ready. I had done a ton of work on it, but not the work i needed to do. So I went back, completely rewrote it, hired an editor and brought it back out for more. It's much better now. Now I need to get the word out, and I need your help to do it. So if I could get everyone to share my message for this new version, on Friday the 13th, it'd be an awesome way to celebrate its re-release and that extra cheer for when I complete the Star Wars run that day.

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Created on 2017-01-09 12:53:14